House Dissatisfaction With Johnson Explodes Over Foreign Aid ‘Insanity’ That Neglects US Southern Border

House Republican dissatisfaction with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is rapidly growing as Reps. Scott Perry (R-PA) and Jim Banks (R-IN) share their frustrations about what Banks called “insanity” in Johnson’s foreign aid framework; which includes over three times as much money for Ukraine as it does for Israel while neglecting the U.S. Southern border...


The FBI Has Become Ideologically Inverted And Is Now The American Version Of The Soviet Secret Police

⭐️ GypsySoul

The modern FBI is the police agency of a weaponized U.S government, with a direct and purposeful mandate to keep the American people under control through strict surveillance and a violent police state. It needs to be said, and it needs to be said loudly, the FBI is the 2024 equivalent of the 1984 Soviet-era KGB, now the FSB…