Morning Thread Posts @ 05:00 PDT ?



☆ Welcome to MORNING MUSTER ☆

A new, two hour, first thread of the day feature for rising mid watchers, crack of dawn sparrows just beginning their day; and, night owls preparing to retire before the Sun rises. The MORNING MUSTER will be posted each day by the WordPress Automatic Publishing Scheduler:

  1. Posts MONDAY- FRIDAY only @ 03:00 PDT only.
  2. MORNING MUSTER is OPEN TOPIC; post whatever you wish.
  3. Start each day with a non-political idea, thought, photo or song.
  4. An initial 30 day test run to gauge member response.

NOTE: Because it will be published automatically I will not post a NEW THREAD advisory in the Featured Comments on the ALL NIGHTER. It will simply show up on the Homepage right after it publishes & remain until replaced by the regularly scheduled Morning Thread.

This is a 30 day trial to measure user response & sentiment. If too many people become confused or don’t like this short, two hour thread to start their day at this hour, I won’t continue with it. Let me know.

As always, please feel free to leave comments & feedback.Thanks!

Jones and Laughlin Steel Company. Beehive coke ovens. Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.
January 1941