As I sit here at home tonight, I find myself contemplating two separate schools of thought. This is the fifth time I’ve tried sitting down to write this and finally not found myself completely slipping into a seething, screaming rage over everything we are now witnessing. Trust me, it can be difficult to maintain any sort of constructive emotional composure when I really start thinking about all of this election bullshit. Part of me wants to severely punish all of those stupid idiots who voted for “Bite Me” only because they “didn’t like Trump.” They are only brainless sheep who swallowed the endless, incessant 24/7 Media propaganda attack on our President while simultaneously completely ignoring every positive thing he’s already done for our country. I don’t believe any of those mindless idiots have any idea how they’ve just voted for a communist take over of our country; and the inevitable “equal” sharing of misery which will come along with it except of course, for the chosen few favored by “The Party.” Their ignorance is now on full display for the entire country to see. They have absolutely NO idea what they’ve done: an error in estimation of historical proportions for which they will now find themselves paying double, because they’ve cooked everyone’s goose along with theirs. They won’t be spared by either side in what will be coming next. They can only properly learn their lesson by taking it the hard way, and they will. The only reason they voted for creepy, sleepy Grandpa was because their televisions constantly told them, “Orange Man bad.” They are completely incapable of having any kind of individual thought for themselves. WTF were they thinking? That’s the problem, they weren’t. Not only were they not thinking, they weren’t even awake & paying attention. The biggest winner of the election appears to be the blatant, massive, unchecked, in your face, FU voter fraud carried out by communist funded democrat operatives in every democrat controlled city & state in the country. Congratulations Democrats, because of your relentless lust for power and control at any costs thru your disgusting cowardly acts, you’ve now destroyed whatever confidence remained in our voting system & electoral process. Now we all know why Bite Me and the Kamel didn’t bother conducting a campaign; why they felt it unnecessary to hold any press conferences, state their opinions on important issues or even break a sweat walking across the finish line. They already knew the fix was in and it was in for them. The amount of fraud the Democrats put in place this time was so massive, overwhelming and planned out a fucking tree stump could have been their candidate and still won! And the stump would have made an even better candidate! Now that their fraud and the steal is finally being exposed, there may be as many as 20-30 million phony ballots marked for Biden that were illegally counted to put him “over the top.” Even now, after they’ve been caught at it red-handed, they still continue on with this fraud in plain sight.

The legal system is yet one more traditional American institution we can thank the Democrats for destroying with the filth of their progressivism. After decades of tinkering with it, all in the name of more “fairness” and “equality,” our legal system is now practically a shadow of it’s former self; unable to operate as it was originally intended. Rule Of Law has given way to become Free For All as judges and states attorneys choose at whim which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore with hardly any regard for the consequences. Agenda, instead of justice now drives our legal system; and, the people who’s job it should be to stop the fraud aren’t doing their jobs, most probably because they are all in on it as well because they believe the success of the fraud will somehow directly benefit them. The rot & corruption in our legal system is now so entrenched and pervasive many people have just given up and are just shrugging their shoulders as if to say, “Gee golly oh well, I guess that’s just the way the system is.” Perhaps they might have a point, because what is there if anything which can be done legally to fix any of this mess? What happens when a system designed to check & fix corrupted systems finally becomes corrupted itself? The communists have really stacked the deck against Americans this time! Oh, just to clarify, I now consider any idiot who voted for Biden to be an official, card carrying, communist sympathizer. Sorry, no more Mr. Nice Guy!  They can deny it all they want, but they officially went on the record in support of communism when they pulled the lever for Sniffy Grandpa and his pet dog Kamel. They too will be punished, along with all of the other enablers. Don’t worry, there’ll be more than enough to go around for everybody! However, I digress and once again find myself smoldering with well placed anger in the knowledge that stupid people voluntarily voted themselves into becoming cattle serfs & property of the government. I wouldn’t even give a shit if their stupidity only affected them, but what really pisses me is how it doesn’t & they’re dragging the rest of us all into this nightmare of theirs. I refuse to participate; I don’t want any part of this madness! Unfortunately, our legal system has become so corrupted, so twisted & distorted by the stench of activists & their agendas instead of jurists who interpret proper law, that there’s scant probability for issues of any real importance being properly adjudicated without some form of political bias. And more and more, such bias appears to be weighing less & less in the favor of protecting actual Americans. What’s left of the Rule Of Law has been increasingly more weaponized by the communists against average Americans while the powerful political elite enjoy complete freedom to do whatever they wish. And they do. Don’t believe me? Then try not paying your income taxes this next coming year and see what happens. I’ve just about come to a point where I’ve decided I too will selectively pick and choose which laws I want to follow and tell the pseudo masters of the government universe to go fuck themselves. I’ll stop whenever they stop, which means I’ll going to find myself in a world of shit someday soon because they’d probably love to make an example of me to distract everyone else from their own malfeasance. Relying on the courts to resolve the election fraud might turn out to be only a fools errand because many of those directly involved will faithfully play whatever part has been given to them by those financing this entire debacle. As the saying goes, ‘It’s a big club and we aren’t in it.” It’s also a big country and it’s supposed to be ours, but it sure as Hell doesn’t feel like it, now. Progressives, marxists, socialists and communists have all been busy over the last few decades working to destroy both our culture and society by the slow death of 1000 cuts. None of this has been by accident & all of it has been by design made possible by the total brainwashing of two complete generations dumbed so far down, they are now incapable of even understanding exactly how they are being used. Probably doesn’t matter anyway in the long game of things, because “useful idiots” never survive their revolutions, regardless of which side wins.

So it looks like it has all come down to this: the fate of America hangs in the balance of whatever happens in the next few coming days. The Democrats’ voter fraud gambit was immense; but that doesn’t change the fact it is also immensely illegal. The most likely outcome is the results of this election will not be decided by “We The People,” but instead, by the lawyers sitting on The Supreme Court. As Justice Roberts has so eagerly demonstrated to us on more than one occasion in the past, the Law itself can also be subject to the corruption of a compromised judicial puppet doing the bidding of those who won’t hesitate to expose his wrongs through blackmail. Slap any coat of paint you want over it; call it by any name you think makes it sound better, but fraud is fraud is fraud and everyone knows it. Even those who deny it know it; especially those who deny it! Until the highest court in the Land has had it’s say, I’ll continue to temporarily refrain from an outright call to arms. I know it may sound somewhat counter intuitive, but now patience is a virtue and a tool we need to us to our advantage. Besides, there’s nothing you or I can personally do now to change the course of the election. I know that kinda sucks, but it could also prove to be a high card in our favor. The communist democrats launched the first attack in this war and they fully expect to be successful; but remember, the only thing the democrats are really successful at is being unsuccessful at everything. Remember my words: they will fail here once again because Donald Trump doesn’t play to lose. He’s whipped their asses and beat them down at every attempt they’ve made during the last four years. Why should things be any different this time? Let not your heart be troubled; they won’t!  Haha, there’s my other side talking now; that cautious optimist that delights in the prospect all of this may be won on his terms.

So let’s not go jumping the gun just yet. Keep that powder dry and wait for the whites of their eyes to show, Now’s an excellent time to further study & contemplate our enemy to note their weakest points of vulnerability. They will soon enough expose their Plan B  and when they do, we’ll be more than ready for them. Personally, I think they’ve completely overplayed their hand this time by cheating so much it’s become too obvious. They’ve become the unintended victims of their own cocky narcissism and arrogant self confidence. Pride does always come before the fall; and this latest attempt to remove our President will also fail miserably. That’s usually when they resort to violence; because once they fail, violence is all they have left. Go ahead and let them, because this time, nobody has any remaining trust in police departments who place pensions before patriotism. After watching so many of our top law enforcement officers and local prosectors look the other way on so many felonies committed by street thugs and high ranking officials, good Americans are rightly frustrated and pissed. Any officials who abandon the Rule Of Law are providing their tacit support for election fraud and the communist takeover of America; they are in on it. If & when it finally all comes down to the cartridge box and the internet happens to still be operational, I have some really great ideas for the more adventurous amongst you; and helpful logistical assistance for those of you who are kind and good. The ball is now inside our court and it’s up to us to wait out the last gasps of what may pass for Law in this country and then take direct action should circumstances demand we restore it. This in no way changes the fact that every person who tells you they voted for Biden needs to be shunned as a political leper & communist stooge. Most are probably too fearful now to admit their own stupidity because the current political atmosphere of the county does not really favor their personal safety.

I already know exactly what I’m going to do, I just can’t say it here, at least for now, but I’m sure you all understand why. We are Americans and as Americans, there is absolutely nothing we can’t do. No obstacle is too great, no enemy or adversary too strong and no situation completely impossible that together we can’t kick all of their asses into the middle of next year. I know by now you are prepared and we all hope this resolves peacefully. Me too, fervently with fingers crossed. However, by the Grace of our God the Creator, we must also stand ready to right all the horrible wrongs being inflicted upon our nation by some of the most disgraceful, treacherous, worthless America hating bastards we made the mistake of allowing to flourish among us. This is now all completely on us and we dare not neglect what we are bound by duty & History to complete. Old Joe talks about a “dark winter” because that’s what he and his people are bringing; and they damned well know it. I suggest instead we flood the World with the blinding light of freedom. Should that first require the complete destruction of all the forces of darkness and enemies of America, then so be it. In the end, light always triumphs over the darkness and a new Spring always follows every Winter. I suggest whatever bitter medicine we now need to swallow we do it quickly and without hesitation. Never, never capitulate, never compromise or surrender. Never abandon hope or the light. We are today’s final hope for tomorrow’s children. I intend to make them proud.

As you were and man your posts,

General Mossberg