On the surface of things, it all seems like it’s just about over, doesn’t it?  The marxist coup was successful and the current junta in power now are the authoritarian boogeymen we’ve always dreaded. However, don’t forget that righteous ass whooping we also took at Pearl Harbor; and in the Philippines. It took a little while, but once we picked ourselves up again and got all of our shit straightened out, we went on to crush Japan and Nazi Germany into unconditional surrender. Once we finally got going, we smashed them into submission without a second thought. While it may have taken a little while to ramp up, it defintely did happen. We now find ourselves at another important crossroad in History; facing a far greater threat than any we have ever faced before: ourselves. Our own government has become the enemy of its own citizens! How fucked up is that? If only ten honest people are left in the entire federal government who are actually against the coup, I’ll be surprised. On the surface of things, it appears traitors & seditionists have infiltrated and taken over everything. We now find ourselves ruled over by an unelected & unaccountable political elite who act like they hate our guts and are out to destroy everything we hold dear. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to have to become much worse before it has any chance of finally becoming better. During the last ten months, we’ve witnessed how Antifa and BLM enjoy every preferential protection & legal advantage made possible by a corrupted system saturated with marxist traitors & sympathizers. I can guarantee you, they will not extend the same courtesy to us with similar treatment. We are now the enemy and it looks like they mean to break us. A psychotic 32% minority of the population now controls the other 68% of the rest of us. How is this even possible? Because they spent decades successfully infiltrating every possible public institution & government level of power and control. While we went on about the duties of working our jobs, building our businesses and raising our families, they were quietly and covertly advancing their agenda in small incremental steps to a tipping point. There’s a reason they call themselves “progressives.” 

It may be all too easy to feel a sense of discouragement & despair brought about by our own government going communist against us, but it’s not that surprising when you stop & reflect on all the events leading up to this moment. They never made any secret about their end game intentions; starting with the establishment of the FED and Income Tax in 1913, all the way through The New Deal to the Great Society, into feminism and mainstream collectivism. The warning signs have always been there; we always kicked their can down the road. Pointing fingers and bitching about it now won’t really help or change a damned thing. Neither does placing blame or bitching about how Trump didn’t “do enough.” Wise up, once Trump finally got to the party, all the beer was already long gone. Then there’s all the endless armchair quarterbacking and pundit pontificating about the loss of our republic by the online, know it all theorists who only further cloud a clear perspective of the entire train wreck by injecting their inaccurate evaluations & advice into the drama. Seems everyone is far too eager to grab any loose straw of empty hope they can. The entire shit show reeks of desperation. On the surface of things, it appears everybody is still waiting for the cavalry to arrive, a miracle which may never happen; anything to prevent this darkness from descending over the Land. When it didn’t happen we were further disappointed; only further compounding our fear, confusion and anger. This is the crossroads where we find ourselves standing today; where our confusion and hopelessness over this bullshit intersect with the need for it all to STOP! NOW! Listen up & snap OUT of it! We are NOT defeated! The enemy would certainly like you to believe that because when you do, you’re actually helping to make their job easier and why the FUCK would you ever want to do that? It’s the chapter in their playbook they call “demoralization.” Don’t let those commies make camp in your head! Never, never, never! (did you notice I wrote “never” three times?) Don’t be a schmuck or sucker by falling for it! Never, never, never! Let them go ahead and laugh, giddy in their own over exaggerated sense of hubris. Progtards always overextend themselves prematurely in everything they do; that’s why they often FAIL! This isn’t in any way the end of us because they damned well haven’t heard or seen the last from us, not by a damn sight. We haven’t even started yet. This is actually the very beginning of the real war to be waged & won; and this time, all their wash is finally out on the line. We now know who supports communism and who doesn’t. We know specifically most of all, who are the Congress dirtbags who backed the coup. The coup has finally flushed all the cockroaches out into the open. Time to step on them; by embolding themselves, they have also revealed themselves. Every cloud has a silver lining.

There’s really only one way we can deal with all of this insanity. It’s obvious; the only way out is the way through. Communication links between Conservatives must be preserved and maintained in any and all ways possible so that we may continue to successfully organize and support one another. Freedom of speech must also be preserved and continue at all costs, regardless of any alternative leftist intentions. I think the cold Winter weather might have put a cork in a lot of people’s plans; once the wether begins to heat up again and a new summer riot season starts, everyone will need to decide for themselves what they plan to do next. Don’t sit on you asses wringing your hands in discouragement; seize this moment and get to work! Use your heads and remember, the government is now actively setting up false flag events designed to lure us in to their big lie; expose and snare any patriots inclined towards active resistance. It’s not time yet so avoid allowing yourselves to become subject to any early arrest or sanctions. Trust no one unless it’s someone so close and important to you you’re willing to die for that person. On the surface of things, try keeping things socially as casual as possible because many are going to be encouraged to rat out family members, friends, neighbors and fellow workers with some sort of twisted expectation they’ll find future favor in some new national order. It really pains me to have to say this, but I was floored by how quickly people turned on the Capitol rally attendees; snitching them out as “domestic terrorists.” Perhaps that’s the shittiest part of this entire ordeal; the corruption and destruction of the common trust that most people were able to enjoy with one another, but unfortunately, took completely for granted. Communism fucks up everything. On the other hand, start focusing more now on your strengths and understand your capabilities, limitations and whatever you can do to fuck over their takeover plans big time. Never act out of impulse; instead, think out the possible ramifications of the outcome before you take action. Use your head instead of your emotions. That’s the one big advantage we have over them because almost everything they do is motivated by their “feelz.” The real domestic terrorist are the ones who have labeled us as the domestic terrorists. Fuck them all. It often won’t take very much to ruin a dumb Donkee’s day. You can tell who they are by their look and smell; the six color hair, stupid ink, EBT cards, “Coexist” and “Biden for President” bumper stickers…the MASK when they are outside. They’re not nearly smart enough to be as careful or discrete are we are. Have fun with that!

While there is still a shit ton we can actually do; I won’t jeopardize this site by publicly listing them, but I believe enough of of you have known me for long enough to come to your own conclusions. Let’s just say that most of the traitors and agitators share a common point of weakness from which they cannot escape; they must still live among us. Now there’s a hint for you; let you imaginations run with away that. No has one ever said that being a modern feudal lord would be a completely risk free proposal. No one ever said the system could never be challenged. Hell, they taught us that. Perhaps now is a really great time to spend 10 minutes to sit down & make a list of 10 simple things you can do now to upset a commie. Ok if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can make that 20 things. They don’t need to be anything even remotely illegal, just simple things that fuck with their heads while sending them off. Use your imagination; it doesn’t take much and it might even be FUN. Effective civil disobedience is also completely possible without ever doing any physical harm to others. Simple acts of sabotage; after all, 90% of this war is probably mental, anyway. Make them grind their gears by adding a dollop of extra effort and misery to their lives every at every opportunity you get. Trust me, commie Christmas is coming May 1st. Don’t be surprised if they seize upon “Workers’ Day” to symbolically launch their purge in earnest because they know Uncle Joe and his merry band of bolshevik reprobates will cover for them. When that finally happens, all bets will be off. It will then be everyone for themselves. Do whatever you have to do to protect yourselves, your families and private property; and don’t look back. Whatever you do, NEVER agree to forfeit your Second Amendment rights by giving up your guns. Theoretically, that’s the only way it ever becomes “Game Over” for our side.  

Use this current environment of confusion and discouragement to our advantage; to better & more thoroughly prepare yourselves. Understand they will still most certainly continue to bluster with all kinds of threatening & violent commie rhetoric as part of their campaign to further ”demoralize” us. Don’t take their bait; discouragement is powerlessness and that’s exactly what they are striving for. They will also continue to corrupt the Rule Of Law by passing yet more illegal and unconstitutional laws, edicts, executive orders and proclamations you should just ignore. Fuck ‘em. This shit storm can’t possibly last any longer past 2022 when the country will finally see how the ballot box has officially been completely destroyed. I’m also betting that the longer the illegal Biden regime stays in power, more moderate Democrats are going to be experiencing buyer’s remorse for the God awful mistake they made voting for this tool. It’s already starting to happen; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Take every blessing we can get and be thankful. I look for them to pass even more so called “laws” to help make it even easier for them to cheat in any future elections. If that starts happening we won’t even see the ghost of an election in 2024. However, I seriously believe we no longer have any luxury left in waiting or assuming the system is still structured in such a way where any remaining checks and balances may once again right it. We passed that even horizon on November 3rd. The longer this shit simmers, the more time they will have to inflict damage upon America; and, now that they believe they have won all the marbles, you see how fast they are moving to do just that. I can’t & won’t suggest what you should do; as you must let both your conscience & imagination be your guides. You must take your own personal situation into consideration as you weigh the possible risks against any outcomes they will produce. Everyone is different and unique in this regard. I do not presume to know your hearts; however, I certainly know & trust mine; and, I’m completely at peace with everything it tells me now. You see, on the 7th of this month I was stricken with a massive bacterial infection that really kicked my ass. I’ll spare you of all the unpleasant details, but suffice to say I spent nine of the most grueling & horrific days and nights of my life in absolute fucking misery. It was so bad, I was hospitalized for a surgical procedure to resolve the problem. They also pumped me full of mondo antibiotics that eventually restored me back to my old, cantankerous self. Although I was weakened and extremely uncomfortable for a few days, the experience forced me to come to grips with my own mortality and reorganized my personal priorities. It really sucked, but now that I’ve come out the other side, I am much stronger than before. It’s true, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Hey, we all gotta do whatever we gotta do to endure and outlast this goofy donkee shit show. The sooner we come to terms with this truth, the sooner we can move on to taking care of business. And here we always thought you had to go to Mexico to find a donkee show. One last bit of friendly advice: please cut your fellow Conservatives a little more slack out there in the real World. We’re all stressed by the series of unfolding current events. Everybody has a their own different way of coping with all of this garbage. Some have more strength and resiliency to handle it better than others. Please remember to be kind and treat everyone with respect; regardless of whatever the communists decide to throw at us. Once we see this settle into a more recognizable & predictable pattern, we can really start to put a burr under their saddle; we can start to do much, much more. Hey, I’m in it to win it! How about you, my fellow American? Are you in it to win it, too? If you haven’t yet decided, get off the fence and take a stand now! It’s time. It will give you more strength & confidence. It will motivate and re-energize you. Take it from a guy who was deathly sick to his guts only a week ago; there is still nothing sweeter nor better than freedom! Stay positive; we have God & History on our side. It’s all going to work out! I can’t say exactly how yet, but a way will open up soon & it will become crystal clear. Use your head. Stay sane. Be safe. Make your plans now before all of this really cooks off. Godspeed, fellow patriots!

As you were

General Mossberg