Month: March 2020

OP-ED: Democrats Want To Use The Coronavirus Relief Bill To Seize Control Of Elections

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☆ Nationwide Mail In Voting & Ballot Harvesting: One Party Rule Forever

In a bill ostensibly intended to save American jobs, Pelosi and her Senate allies crammed a wish list of bad election and voting reforms, including mandatory early voting, mandatory voting by mail, and the legalization of California-style ballot harvesting. Pelosi is taking the country closer to federalized elections than ever before.


White House & Senate Reach Late-Night Deal On Massive $2T Economic Stimulus Package


☆ Special Interest Groups Looking For A Part Of The Bailout

The White House and Senate leaders reached a breakthrough deal shortly after midnight Wednesday on a massive and historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief package for workers and businesses, capping days of heated negotiations that had nearly been derailed by last-minute demands from House Democrats.



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It’s Scary To Put Our Lives In The Hands Of Democrats

When it seemed apparent that a relief bill, that the American people had been waiting for, was going to be passed it was Nancy Pelosi who killed it.  She was assisted by her Senate ally Chuck Schumer.  After previously signaling that everything was good to go the Democrats pulled the plug on the relief bill when they believed they could put their ideological agenda into a bill related to the Wuhan coronavirus.


GOP Details Pelosi’s $2.5 TRILLION ‘Socialist Wish List’ In Coronavirus Aid Package

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☆ Never Let A Looting Opportunity Go To Waste

House Republicans on Monday night offered a detailed critique of what they called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “socialist wish list” in House Democrats’ $2.5 trillion proposal for responding to the coronavirus outbreak. “Speaker Pelosi unveiled legislation aimed at exploiting the COVID-19 public health crisis by attempting to force the inclusion of a socialist wish list of policies that have nothing to do with the public health and economic emergency,” said House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, Louisiana Republican.


Truckers On The Front Line Keep America Rolling Amid CCP Virus Pandemic

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☆ Thank A Trucker, Not A Sports Or Entertainment Celebrity

One industry that’s rolling on throughout the closures and social-distancing measures is trucking. For years, the unsung road warriors have delivered essential goods, but scarcity has recast them as heroes in providing the necessities and comforts that Americans rely on.


Senate Democrats Block Mammoth Coronavirus Stimulus Package

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☆ Pelosi Claims House Dems Will Submit Their Own Version

Senate Democrats on Sunday blocked a coronavirus stimulus package from moving forward as talks on several key provisions remain stalled. Senators voted 47-47 on advancing a “shell” bill, a placeholder that the text of the stimulus legislation would have been swapped into, falling short of the three-fifths threshold needed to advance the proposal.