Month: July 2020

US To Seize Bolton’s $2M Book Advance & Profits For Violating Security Clearance Procedures

The U.S. government has asked a Federal judge in Washington to seize the $2 million book advance and any royalties paid to former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton, who published a tell-all memoir about the Trump administration allegedly without clearing it first with the government for classified material.


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Trader Joe’s Stands Up To The Cancel Culture Mob

Last week, the Trader Joe’s grocery chain capitulated to an utterly insane petition started by a California high school student. It accused the store of racism for labeling its ethnic foods “Trader Jose’s” and “Trader Ming’s” and whatnot…


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Joe Biden’s Vice Presidental Choices Underscore The Fact He’s Too Old To Be President

An unnamed Biden adviser told Politico that the VP choice is being shaped by the possibility that Biden might serve just one term. “If you assume Biden isn’t going to run for reelection, you don’t want someone who is only paying attention to 2024,” the anonymous Biden adviser said. “The decisions that need to be made are not going to be easy. Biden’s vice president might want to dodge a lot of tough issues if they only have an eye on 2024.”


Supreme Court Issues 5-4 Ruling Against Religious Freedom: Roberts Sides With Democrats Again

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The Supreme Court issued an absolutely heartbreaking decision this week against religious freedom and the First Amendment. And the worst part of it was that perennial disappointment, and supposed conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, sided with the Democrats. The court ruled in favor of the state of Nevada and its ban on gatherings of more than 50 people at churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious establishments.

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Democrats Starting To Panic Voters Will Blame Them For Riots


Despite the best efforts of the propaganda media (aka, MSM) to sanitize  as “mostly peaceful” violent, property-destroying and federal agent-blinding demonstrations that have engulfed Portland, Seattle, and other cities, the American people are catching on that Antifa is the armed auxiliary street force of the Democrat party, just as the KKK was a century and more ago...