Month: August 2020

China’s Champion Dianne Feinstein

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Back in April, Missouri attorney general Eric Schmitt, a Republican, filed a lawsuit charging that Chinese Communist officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians.”  For Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the  Missouri lawsuit was the problem…


Jeff Flake Joins Over Two-Dozen Former GOP Members Of Congress To Launch ‘Republicans for Biden’

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More than two-dozen former Republican members of Congress threw their support behind a “Republicans for Biden” effort being launched Monday by the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign to engage potential GOP supporters this November. The announcement comes on the first day of the Republican National Convention, as delegates prepare to formally re-nominate President Trump on Monday…


Essay: A Kristallnacht For White Americans?

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Those who are working overtime to delegitimize white Americans have coined a term that they use as a weapon—“white privilege.”  The propaganda is that being white is a racial privilege that elevates white Americans above other Americans and enables white people to oppress blacks. It doesn’t strike those who use the term as a weapon that these same “racist white people” are the ones who elected Obama president and put Kamala Harris in the Senate...