Month: March 2021

Pence Eyeing 2024 Presidential Run After Betraying The American People, Trump & The Constitution

The former Vice President is laying the groundwork for a potential 2024 Presidential run despite his incredibly low approval ratings. Former Vice President Mike Pence is setting himself up to run for President in 2024 after he violated the Constitution by illegally allowing the certification of fraudulent Electoral College votes following the highly contested 2020 election, signifying a transition of power influenced by the presence of the US military in Washington DC…


Democrats Look To Impose A New Capital Gains Tax At Death

Several Senate Democrats are pushing to boost federal revenue by taxing certain capital gains that are passed down after death. Traditionally, unrealized capital gains have not been taxed, allowing wealthy individuals to transfer stocks, bonds and real estate investments to their children and grandchildren without the recipients being taxed…


If You Drive a Car, You Might Soon Pay Buttigieg’s ‘Miles Traveled Tax’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is thinking up new ways to fund infrastructure, and his latest proposal would deal a big blow to American workers. While speaking with CNBC last Friday, Buttigieg said he liked the idea of a tax based on the number of miles driven to raise money to improve roads...