Month: June 2021

The Top Ten Pending Eruptions

It’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer, one filled — like Yellowstone Park — with geysers and hot springs ready to blow at any moment. But these are political eruptions, not nature’s fury.  If I didn’t know that God has things under control I’d be terrified, but in the interest of keeping track of the truth, let’s briefly list the top 10 political eruptions we can expect to blow sometime soon:


⭐️ IndieCon

Couple Sacrifices Getting A New Kitchen To Rescue A Siberian Husky From The Chinese Dog Meat Trade

A couple from Scotland sacrificed getting a new kitchen to rescue a Siberian husky from the Chinese meat trade. Deena, aged 16 months, is now settled into her new home in Crossgate, Fife, after traveling from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then to London, Manchester, Bolton, and finally arriving in Scotland…


Nike Just Chose A Country & It’s Not The United States

Nike, the global brand that sells billions of shoes and other sports equipment every year, would not be possible without the freedoms of the United States. It started in Oregon as Blue Ribbon Sports, importing and selling Japanese shoes before designing its own. It flourished and become one of the most successful American brands in the world. Nike could use that brand power to be an advocate for American values, if it shared them…


Barak Obama And The Broken Nation He Made Come Of Age

Once the symbol of youthful hipness, the former boss of Hope and Change now lectures “young people” on what they should be doing. His legacy is being carried forward by 78-year-old Biden and the 81-year-old Pelosi. That’s above the average age of 80 of the House Democrat leadership. A entire generation doesn’t remember life before the crises he created...