Month: September 2021

The Across The Board Failures At The Highest Level Of Our Military

Lt Col Stewart Scheller is confined to the brig because, to put it in Marine speak, he would not “STFU” about holding leaders accountable. I will leave to a military judge to review his being silenced with brig confinement. Such an order appears to be petty, disgusting, and an overreach made out of fear since he offered to resign…


How’s All Of That Biden Anti-Trumping Going, America?

Joe Biden was touted by his supporters as the anti-Trump, the seasoned politician and “centrist” who had the experience, gravitas, and governing skills that the radical “demagogue” Donald Trump lacked. Supposedly, Biden also possessed the respect for “democratic norms” and the “empathy” lacking in the abrasive tweetster and crude-talking ex-reality show host. Elect Biden, the pitch went, and the “adults” will be back in charge, the sacred “norms” and “decorum” once again respected, and our status in the world restored...