Month: October 2021

Conservative Diversification And Enthusiasm Make Us Impossible To Stop: The Antifragile Movement

⭐️ Southern Wolf

I am starting to see blue sky at the far edge of the American political horizon. Make no mistake, the clouds of collectivism and globalism are still overhead, and we are right in the midst of experiencing the hell and fury that their storm brings. That said, better days are visible, and the cause of the cloud break is the newly found antifragility of the conservative movement...


Biden Commerce Department Approves Billions $$$ Worth Of American Technology Licenses For Blacklisted Chinese Companies

Suppliers to two blacklisted Chinese companies—telecom giant Huawei and China’s top chipmaker SMIC—were approved to receive billions of dollars worth of licenses for U.S. technologies shipments between November and April, documents released by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Oct. 21 detail...