Month: March 2022

Double Down: Disney Launching Task Force To Create More LGBTQ+ Content For Children & Families

A groveling Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Monday told employees the company should have condemned Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill that blocked the teaching of sexuality and transgender ideology to students in kindergarten through third grade, speaking 24-hours hours before mutinous staff planned to walk out during a day-long strike…


The Thought Police: Germany Conducts Massive Raids Over Online ‘Insults’ Against Politicians

On Tuesday, German federal police conducted mass raids across 13 states over online ‘insults’ levied against politicians. A large number of apartments and houses were raided in Germany on Tuesday as Federal police in the country look to arrest & prosecute those who made allegedly hateful remarks against elected officials online…


Education: Florida Moves To End The Academic Sexualization Of Children

The stories are jaw dropping, infuriating, and plentiful. The school district in St. Paul, MN is partnering with an organization that offers LGBTQ-affirming curricula for students as young as three years old. In Idaho, an 11-year-old girl was coached by her Coeur d’Alene school into a sex change without notifying her parents…