Month: July 2022

The Phony Left Rhetoric About ‘Our Democracy’ Is Obscuring America’s True Constitutional Political Order

Ever since the political rise of Donald Trump we have heard mantras chanted about “our democracy,” usually in the context of how Trump allegedly is destroying it. This cliché obscures the actual nature of our Constitutional political order, which created a mixed government more typical of a republic than a democracy rightly understood; and was based on a realist vision of human nature whose destructive excesses the Founders sought to mitigate without diminishing the citizens’ freedom...


Commentary: In The Grip Of A Cult

Decades of unprecedented prosperity have made westerners indolent, bored, and self-absorbed. Detachment from Judeo-Christian faith has made elites vulnerable to fanatics and charlatans peddling gimcrackery. These peddlers no longer hawk their nonsense in the name of God, as was done throughout much of history. Today, they claim to do so as enlightened people of science...