Month: September 2022

The Military Is Embracing A Dangerous Woke Anti-American Ideology

If WWII happened today, the United States would fly bombers over Nazi Germany filled with ANTIFA pamphlets, and then when some of the bombers got shot down, we would burn our own cities in protest of NAZI atrocities – NAZI cities being too far removed from the nearest Starbucks for us to bother burning THEIR cities…


What Is Strategically Missing From The GOP ‘Commitment To America’

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The recent “Commitment to America” document released by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is beautifully written … to achieve the GOP’s interminable goal. Republicans seek to indulge the broad talking points of their base in a general, shallow, and superficial manner – just enough to appear as if they are on their side without, of course, actually committing to anything transformational that offends their donors and puppet masters. On that score, the document was a home run. Otherwise, not so much…