Month: October 2022

McCarthy Says He Won’t Impeach Biden Or His Administration Officials If GOP Regains The House Majority

House Republicans have for months threatened to impeach Joe Biden and equally disastrous members of his administration for their intentional attempts to destroy America if — which is now pretty much when — the GOP retakes control of the House in the midterms, now just two weeks away. Apparently, those threats weren’t serious…


Victory For Davos, China & ‘The Great Reset.’ Rishi Sunak Becomes The Next UK Prime Minister

Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) Rishi Sunak, best known for signing the cheques on the mega-money lockdown policies of the Covid era and pushing the national tax burden to the highest levels in decades, will be the next Prime Minister after the only other serious challenger dropped out of the bidding at the last minute...