Month: April 2023

Censorship: European Union Announces New Tight Content Rules For Tech & Social Media Platforms

The European Commission announced on Tuesday a slew of social media platforms and other Big Tech websites that will come under stricter content moderation control surrounding so-called hate speech and disinformation by this Summer…


Warner Brothers To Mark 100th Anniversary With Woke Revisions Of Its Old Classics

With one-hundred years having passed since it opened its doors to filmmakers and audiences alike, Warner Bros. has announced that it will be ringing in its anniversary with “a short film series that reimagines the Studio’s iconic films through a diverse and inclusive lens.” After all, there’s nothing like celebrating your own history by attempting to appease those who unapologetically hate everything about it…


Joe Biden’s Migrant Parole Pipeline Imports 300K Ukrainians Into The US

President Joe Biden’s migrant parole pipeline, which is bringing hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to the United States every few months, has imported more than 300,000 Ukrainian nationals in just a year. A foreign population twice the size of the resident population of Charleston, South Carolina…