Month: July 2023

The Professionalism Of The United States Military Is Now Threatened

The weak performance of the Russian and Ukrainian militaries in the Russo-Ukrainian war underscores that military effectiveness is dependent upon many factors such as leadership, logistics, maintenance, and training which, in turn, depend upon possessing a professional military that can accurately assess its own weaknesses and flaws. To do so requires honesty by the military organization in its evaluation of itself and in what is reported to political leadership. The U.S. military is in danger of going down the same path and with equally disastrous results…


RFK Jr Throws Moms For Liberty Under The Woke School Bus And Pledges Pro-LGBTQ Stance

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered support from both leftists and conservatives. But conservatives who admire RFK Jr. for speaking hard truths should also be aware of how he back-stabbed a parental rights group on TV in order to pander to an intolerant homosexual activist who wants LGBTQ propaganda in schools…