Americans Will NOT Comply

Americans Will NOT Comply

Try as I might, I can no longer see any way out of this mess we’re in except by what  amounts to an open rebellion. I used to think voting would solve our problems until I witnessed our entire election process devolve into one massive, clusterfuck fraud with twenty million more votes cast than there are registered voters; and of course all those mysterious votes were cast for the demented Chinese, Deep State sock puppet who couldn’t even pull 100 people to any of his campaign rallies. The long range coup plans really weren’t against the government, but by the government against all real Americans. Exactly where are we at now in the great scheme of of all things takeover? Is it step five or eight? Who knows? Whomever is really calling all the shots has no intention of ever telling and perhaps it’s really not important because the’ve already succeeded in installing a brain dead, fossilized dinosaur in the White House to rubber stamp their laundry list of endless unconstitutional edicts. We are witnessing & living through what undeniably appears to be a total takeover of our country; and so far, we are only only the first 60 days in. It only makes it harder having to wake up each morning and wondering what new damage to America the new day will bring with Joe & Company. I also wake each morning wondering if that day could be America’s last because President Dumb Fuck is now our quarterback and carrying the nuclear football. To be honest, all of this national anxiety and total lack of any solid future in sight really weighs me down. Lies, lies and more damned fucking lies are the only things we get from this current cabal of cock sniffers who only want two things for themselves and their cronies: limitless money & power. They also really want a shit ton of us to feel helplessly trapped by this situation, but in reality we are not.  

Perhaps it’s finally time for us to become that which we hate most; the Left. If we started to follow and use their own play book against them, we could become the new “resistance” overnight and do it a helluva lot better job. It’s easy, just completely refuse to recognize or acknowledge any of their ill gotten power and control. Screw their “rules!” They never follow “rules,” so why should we? I’m not in anyway saying go out and beat a progressive Karen with a baseball or force her to stick her mask where the sun doesn’t shine, no! Although, I must admit that definitely sounds entertaining & appealing. I’m saying whenever some stupid prog gets in your face about anything, get back in theirs; only louder & more intense. Give them a dose of their own bitter medicine; they can dish it out, but they certainly can’t take it. I use this mask garbage only as my example because it’s the most obvious annoyance & irritation you can actually counter them on. This goes for anyone who demands you wear a mask for safety or to “prove” that you really “care” about others. Don’t be embarrassed if you have to yell back in order to shut them up. I know that probably isn’t easy because unlike them, we were taught good manners and to avoid public confrontation. That was then & this is now. That world is gone; they destroyed it. Yell at them and accuse them of being a racist. Loudly ask in a tone of voice everyone in the store can hear why they just said they’d kill you in the parking lot. Ask loudly why a woman who sells fentanyl to grade schoolers is so worried about the safety of others. Then whip out your phone and threaten to record everything. Tell them if they don’t mind their own business and leave you the fuck alone, you’re going to call the ACLU and have them sued for violating your civil rights.

In essence, progressives are really only butthurt adult children who have never been able to develop emotionally beyond the equivalent age of four or five. They cannot deal with life or being productive members of society. If they could then they wouldn’t need to be liberal dicks. Think about it. They also can’t deal with any degree of serious push back; especially in any situation that puts them on the defensive. They only know how to attack and destroy. Pushing back against them usually neuters them immediately; particularly when you claim they said something they really didn’t; that really fucks with their heads. Go ahead & press the issue because they’re the morons who are making an issue in the first place when there really isn’t one. Go ahead and ask them how they’d like to spend the next ten months in civil court answering to their terroristic threats. Force them to question and doubt all their deluded, misguided, narcissistic notions of moral and intellectual self righteous superiority. None of their usual shit works on me. They can’t cancel me on social media because I don’t do social media. They can’t call my workplace and tell lies to my boss to get me fired because I’m my own boss and I’ll be only so happy to immediately return their concerns with a curt “fuck you.” None of their typical proggie weapons or alinsky techniques have any effect on me because I simply won’t agree to play along. However, I sure as Hell can tell the policeman this seemingly drugged, drunk and deranged person threatened me for no apparent reason. Play the system against them and put the onus back on them. Make every miserable progressive maggot really fear that justice system they all claim so much to hate. I know you might be thinking, “But General, we’re better than them!” We most definitely are; but the unfortunate truth is, at this point that isn’t getting us much of anywhere. They only know how to view goodness as a weakness to exploit in furthering their cause. I’m tired of giving them that opportunity and satisfaction. Fuck ‘em. No more Mr. Nice Guy! An eye for an eye, bitches!

In case you are still having any difficulties wrapping your head around the idea of using their own tactics against them; just remember, these people and their so-called leaders would quickly have you lined up in front of a wall and have you shot if they could. Biden voters are drooling sheep who live to please their hive masters who dictate what they think & how they act. The masks and lock downs are solid proof of this. Until the actual shooting starts, you can still battle them by mirroring their tactics of social intimidation. Suppose in some strange alternative universe they happen to win it all and the rest of us find ourselves in camps under their control. (don’t worry, this isn’t going to ever happen, it’s an example dammit!) Suddenly, theres no longer any boogiemen left for them to hate. The new Utopia has finally arrived! No more systemic racism, only everyone living in marxist harmony & brotherly love! No more capitalism because everything is finally free! No more biological sexes, climate change or hurtful words! Kumbahyah! Now what will these miserable shits do next when they no longer have anyone left to lord over and kick around with their faux moral and intellectual superiority? What will they ever do without any conservatives, Patriots or real human beings to bully; constantly bitch and whine about? What ever shall they do when there are no longer any outward targets upon which they may project their own pathological self loathing? Most will probably kill themselves because they still won’t be able to face life responsibly.  

Even if they win it all; the entire enchilada, they’d still be just as fucking lost and clueless as ever before. They would eventually start to devour themselves. If you pay attention, you can already see this starting to happen. The very same tribal identity politics would intensify within each special victim group seeking to dominate over all the others. Lord of the flies. Antifa would go to war against Boon Lies Matter. Socialists would extort the unions for their money. Every variety of Queers would go crazy stupid trying to place themselves at the front of line in their idiotic alphabet. The tech giants would only have leftists left to cancel and the corporations who made skin color instead of skilled labor their priority would be demanding bailouts from politicians in order to stay in business. Buffy and Mason would be forced go on welfare because once the revolution was over, the demand for $100K a year academic teaching positions in marxist gender studies would no longer be needed. More importantly, everyone would notice the sudden, inevitable and precipitous decline in the availability of everyday goods and services because the only people in the country who were willing and able to make anything of value were shipped off to FEMA camps for ideological indoctrination and “re-education.” Ain’t communism grand? The truth of the matter is without real Americans, there will be no more America.  

These stupid idiots always manage to neglect the most important element of their fantasies about the communist utopia they so desperately seek. Without cooperation from real Americans to make it succeed, it will always fail no matter what they try. And that is why communism has always failed, because it needs the support and contribution from the one group of people it always targets as being the problem. Sounds like mental illness, doesn’t it? The Left still needs America to remain a vital economic and military power in order to exist. In their demented hubris, they somehow believe everything great about this country will remain after they have ripped it to shreds. They believe energy and power will still be available in abundance to heat and cool everyone’s homes. They believe grocery store shelves will  still remain abundantly stocked. They believe the Dollar will still retain some small vestige of its former purchasing power. Who knows, perhaps what they really believe and are aiming for is that bullshit notion in 2030 there will be no privacy, nobody will own anything and we’ll all be happy. It’s difficult to decipher the thinking of mentally ill people. They are incapable of thinking anything through to its obvious consequences. Talk about murdering the goose that laid the Golden egg!

So you see they desperately need us even though they don’t realize it; but, we sure as fuck don’t need them. Everyone of them believes they’ll become a member of that special club of party elites who lets everyone else wait on them hand and foot. Yes, they are that delusional. Far more likely China would simply walk in one day and take over everything if things managed to ever really go that far. Then they’d get to experience firsthand how a real communist utopia works. Once the chicoms finished with them, the living will envy the dead.  

They may be in denial, but the Left is on a road to complete and utter failure. Those Americans they are trying to rid themselves of in order to make their commie paradise on earth won’t be agreeing to willfully give up their guns or go to FEMA summer camp. Oh, no. Once real Americans are finished with them, there simply won’t be enough perpetually outraged adult children, power mad greedy billionaires or dirtbag, traitor politicians left left to complete any “fundamental transformation of America.”  They have already doomed themselves and are too blinded their own narcissistic & pathological self importance to see it. Without an America, the entire world will collapse in on itself. Good luck with that, commies!  America is the foundation of hope for millions of people. America has always been the last place people could run to in order to escape tyranny and oppression. If America itself falls to tyranny and oppression, there will no longer be anywhere better left to go. Once there is no longer anything left lose, good people will act accordingly. This means good people will stand and fight. The corrupted political class will finally be made to take their own medicine, one way or another. Resist in any way you can. I am certain we are going to win this because real Americans will not comply.

As you were

General Mossberg