Saint George Of Fentanyl

Saint George Of Fentanyl

Ohhhhhhh boy! What a week we’ve had of the non stop shit show. For example, take the Chauvin kangaroo court show trial. Regardless of the facts, he wasn’t found guilty on three different murder charges, he was really railroaded for being white. This is what they really don’t want to talk about; the intentional death of another person by vicious and unbridled racism. Gasp! Made even worse by the fact that George Floyd was quite possibly, the most important person, outside of Jesus, who ever walked the face of the Earth. I guess what I’m saying here is Derek Chauvin was really convicted of a racist “hate” crime; but, the barking seals of our esteemed News Media won’t come out and directly say that because they are too busy tooting their horns and clapping their fins for more fish. Instead, the system went “woke” and found him guilty of the “hate” crime of arresting one of the most decent, upright and most widely beloved members of the black community! How can I ever live with myself and face another lonely sunrise knowing there is one less street fentanyl dealer Cum Laude? OMG, America is such a horrible place! It’s not a stretch of the truth at all to note that our Holy Saint George of the Boon swallowed all his stash because he knew he’d be taking that “possession with intent to distribute” rap and going back to the big house. Perhaps if he had hidden his street stash in his ass instead of his mouth, things would have turned out much differently for him, but I digress. It would have turned out completely different too for Officer Chauvin and the several BILLIONS of dollars in damage to private property all across America which was destroyed or damaged by rampaging blacks. Well Dear Reader, let’s not let the actual facts get in the way of the incessant march of this country towards total wokeness, especially when we can set an example that will make every policemen in almost every American city think twice about actually wanting to do their jobs properly, especially when it comes to the tender & respectful handling of the most successful members of our cherished black communities. Officer Chauvin did NOT murder George Floyd. George Floyd committed suicide while in the custody of the Law for the commission of a narcotics felony. The numb digger OD’ed himself. The amount of illegal fentanyl & methamphetamine he gulped down once he knew the poopoo was getting ready to hook him up for a ride downtown proved lethal. It musta blew up his already horribly stressed & over enlarged druggie heart while shutting down his ability to breef. That’s what too many opioids in the system all at once will do and now he doned be all daid ’n sheet. And don’t even get me started on the reason the police were called out on him in the first place, the counterfeit $20 bill our beloved saint was trying to pass in a neighborhood liquor store. Thankfully, no eight month pregnant women were pistol whipped this time around during the ascension of our Saint George. Of course, the loss to collective Humanity has been devastating. He wasn’t “murdered” by the Police because he was black: he’s dead now because he was a dumb, criminal fuck who killed himself! End of story, chilluns! The facts & evidence presented in court didn’t really matter, because the objective of the trial was to “get whitey” instead of discovering the truth in the name of justice. That and the intimidating blackmail (pun intended) to burn the entire fucking country down to the ground if Chauvin was not found guilty and made to pay for an entire series of poor life decisions made by a common street thug. Before the verdict was even returned, Maxine X was on television stirring and agitating the masses with her call to violence. You know, like President Trump did at the Capitol on January 6th. Of course, Chauvin’s guilty verdicts prompted the News Media to immediately blast their loads all over themselves. “See, we told you he was guilty and America is a horribly racist country!” Many of the Deep State shades haunting Congress also expressed their joy that the evil white devil in uniform was going to get what he deserved for robbing the World of our precious Saint George. Hell, even our fucking clueless, illegitimate asterisk president proclaimed he was guilty but there was absolutely NO prejudicial outside influences which may have corrupted the outcome of the trial, right? Does this mask make me look like a sheep?

Do you remember Charlie Manson, the original helter skelter eagle scout? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Nixon once made an offhanded remark about thinking Charlie might be guilty and the Left immediately shit themselves screaming about how Manson could no longer receive a fair trial! If it wasn’t for the Left and all of their warm fuzzies for criminals, criminals would get no luvin’ at all! And the bigger the criminal, the greater the lefty love because if there’s one thing that sprouts little marxist tiny morning wood each day, it’s the willful destabilize of productive societies their beloved criminals provide. See it’s true, evil capitalism really doesn’t work. Hang your head in shame, America! Were it not for the Man always holding back and keeping po’ George down for his entire life, he wouldn’t have needed to pass counterfeit money in liquor stores, pistol whip eight month pregnant women in armed robberies or deal the drugs which he ultimately would kill himself with. No, Saint George died for all of our racist sins only because he was black; and Nancy Pelosi thanks you for that, sucka! I guess what now passes for “just us” in the new “woke” sniffer grampy, progressive utopia formerly once known as The United States is simply multiple people in positions of power extending either thumbs up or down from their royal boxes while the crowds cheer. Hail Joe and Kamala, more bread & circuses for the mask wearing, vaccinated masses! Move along here, nothing to see unless of course you are a racist and by this time in the program, who in blazes isn’t already a fucking racist? Chauvin was railroaded into those murder convictions under heavy Boon Lies Matter and pantyfa blackmail pressure (there I go again) to start the next national chimp out in earnest. Since the judge denied Chauvin bail during the next eight weeks prior to his sentencing, there’s now a very real danger of him committing suicide in jail exactly like Jeffrey Epstein. Serves his racist cracka ass right, correct America? It probably can’t be proved, but I am pretty certain members of the jury and their families might have also been targeted for harm or even threatened with death if things didn’t go the way the racial fascists demanded; especially after the Media doxxed their identities and personal information. Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night to an angry mob of screeching boons and wigger freaks armed with molotov cocktails and bullhorns; or, have their children shot in a “random” drive by on their way to school. Every person who played their part in this Nancy Grace, Elvis kangaroo court show trial knows damned well what really happened to Saint George, and knew a compulsory guilty verdict would be the only way out to avoid much bigger trouble for themselves farther down the road. Ain’t “just us” swell?

What would you have done if you had to wear their shoes? In all fairness, perhaps that’s not an easy question to answer, particularly when the woke mob has a gun pointed at your head. Figuratively speaking, of course! Me? I would have never allowed myself to be put in such a situation to begin with! DUH! Jury duty? You can stick yo’ jury duty where the sun don’t shine. I’d probably show up and when asked if I could be impartial in delivering guilty murder verdicts, I would have to inform authorities that I was still too deeply involved in the grieving process and coming to terms with the untimely loss of our precious George. Nahhhhhhh! More likely, I’d say “that nucking figger got what was coming to him & he deserved it!  That cop is innocent and everybody already knows it! Put me on that jury and I’ll acquit his cop ass in five minutes, now where’s the beer? Your boy Floyd was only a dumb B string criminal who ate his street stash thinking he wouldn’t go to jail! Not too bright. He daid now!  What else is there to consider, your Honor? Can we get this show on the road, I got important shit to do at home y’all!” Suffice to say, I probably wouldn’t be selected to the jury. I also wouldn’t ever even be called because I would never be caught dead living in North Somalia with a black radical, muslin, communist Attorney General, bleeding heart lefty city council and that stump dumb excuse for a mayor who’s really good at crying on camera. Sorry America, but that jury was tainted, intimidated, blackmailed, threatened and left with no other choice but to railroad Chauvin to save themselves. Imagine being the lone, honest holdout when some trashy bolshevik somewhere leaks your name to the rabid rats who love doxxing people for sport. At that point, you’re toast; along with your family, job, and the ability to safely walk the streets in your own neighborhood. The jury yielded under threats of intimidation to apease the racist woke mob.

What’s also really laughable was the way the mob was left foaming at the mouth & chomping at the bit ready to burn down the entire city. I guess that will have to wait until Chauvin is finally acquitted & released under appeal, if he manages to live that long. Then the real chimp out can start! I also hold the judge just as culpable for this travesty of miscarried justice as the rest of the players because he refused to move the venue & went to extraordinary lengths to sequester the jury. He didn’t say jack shit when the Minneapolis Morning Star published all the bios & personal information about the jury. WTF?  Not to be outdone, The New York Slimes did the exact same thing. CBS News went one even better, they put all the information on the internet! For fucks sake, can we stop pretending the jury didn’t know this?! That slimeball judge could have placed a gag order on the entire proceedings, but instead chose to let it be televised live to ramp up the tension across the country and give the fucking race merchants even more ammunition. There was no proper or legal due process served, it failed and everyone involved knew damned well. They didn’t give a fuck because there was an agenda and wealthy globalist commie masters to please. Chauvin was merely the fall guy they chose to pick on this time. Those three guilty verdicts sent a chilling, threatening message to police nationwide; either allow black criminals to commit their crimes unimpeded or risk going to prison for doing the job you were hired to do. Right now, you know that must be weighing heavily on them. Why the entire Minneapolis Police Department hasn’t walked off the job en masse by now is  a real mystery. Perhaps they can’t because they’re stuck between a rock and a hard spot with too many of the financial burdens which come along with raising a family, paying a mortgage or other responsibilities, I don’t know. What I DO know is if I was a cop in Minneapolis, I certainly wouldn’t stick around and wait to be made the next example. I wouldn’t be willing to live in a constant state of fear wondering if the mob would becoming after me or my family next just because I wear a badge!

Instead, I’d be getting the fuck out of Dodge before everything breaks loose like we all know it’s eventually going to do anyway. I think I’d find a nice small American town somewhere deep in flyover country with real Americans. Some place, I could answer calls to help rescue kid’s cats stuck in trees, but that’s me. That’s why I choose to live out in the middle of the sticks in a town so small we don’t even have a blinking traffic light. It’s very quiet and peaceful here; and, it’s filled with real Americans who won’t hesitate or have a second thought about protecting the area with brutal unmitigated force if necessary. We don’t need to call the cops to take care of our business. We have large swaths of open land and back hoes. Marxist activists would NOT be welcomed here. Hell, the entire county where I live probably has fewer people than only one neighborhood in DC and they are 100% Tump voters too. We made that choice for ourselves years ago when I saw racist, communist agitators starting to gain a foothold in government. And thus shall it always remain so! Aside from having tanks to breach our perimeter, no outside influences will ever succeed in corrupting our peaceful way of life here. That includes any idiotic laws coming from the pig farm in Washington DC. We are a group of free, independent thinking, God fearing, good people here who just also happen to be armed to the fucking teeth. Don’t believe the LIES, America isn’t dead! I’m saving the best of it right here for future generations.

What we witnessed this last week was total subjugation of our justice system to the objectives of an agenda designed to undermine and destroy our country. So what else is new? This is just another move in their bullshit “color revolution” playbook. However, it won’t last because nothing built on nothing but lies and gaslighting ever does! In parting for this week, I thought I’d like to tell you all that this is the 53rd installment of Double Barrel! Double Barrel is celebrating it’s official one year anniversary! Champagne all around and cigars in the study! I’m happy as Hell over the last year I’ve been able to make you laugh, think, care and show you’re not in any way alone in this shit show. I’ll keep writing and I look forward to another year of us standing together to face down the forces of evil plotted against our Nation. Keep the Faith! 

Carry on…..

General Mossberg