To tell you the truth, I’m completely worn the fuck out. It’s because of the DC shit show & constant barrage of bad news; the sober realization the Communists in America look dangerously close to succeeding in their mission to destroy the country. We are on uncharted ground now; we are no longer a constitutional republic. We now live in a post-constitutional America. We need to face this, as this time it’s different. We no longer have a working government. Instead, what we have is an obvious double ended “just us” system which protects everybody supporting the coup. Included in that group are all the stump dumb parroting sheeple who voted for Biden, BLM, antifa & the Media. Normal Americans who don’t want to live in a communist country are apparently now targets. The damage inflicted by this administration has already reached a tipping point where it must be more than obvious to everyone & it’s certainly not going away under it’s own power any time soon. The only way it’s going to go away is by being pushed back by our side. Too bad I’m already 70 instead of 50, because many people like myself who know what needs to be done unfortunately find themselves simply unable to do it. The worst are the ones who have somehow compromised & convinced themselves into believing this condition & “new normal” way of life is something they will just have to accept. They’ve already settled and decided they just need to “live with it.” Sorry, there’s no “living with it” because it escapes these fucking brain dead morons how they are being exploited by Team Joe as his “useful idiots.” They’ve already got their chair picked out where they’re going to sit at the big boys, new utopia table. Where they believe their special, pet victim class status will automatically earn them special favors & exciting new give aways from their Big Guy Masters. Funny that. I’m afraid they’re probably in for a brutally rude awakening. The same hand that feeds them now will destroy them later. Like I said, useful idiots.

It’s going to be sad once their team is finally removed from the playoff roster, but tough shit. They built this. All their lives they’ve been taught to hate, take, ruin & destroy things. They assume themselves to be entitled by virtue of the fact they simply exist while the World & everyone in it owes them a free ride. Their problems are mysteriously always someone else’s fault; and they only know how to react with emotion instead of responding with logic. How’s that working out for you so far, snowflakes? Good luck, because that kind of resume doesn’t inspire much confidence in increasing overall survivability in SHTF situations. Their lives are yet just more shining examples of how the cancer of the Left destroys everything. Everything. As we all know, there’s really only one way to fight cancer and that’s to completely eliminate it. Because all it takes is for only one cell to survive and then the host is right back in mortal danger again. The same metaphor also applies to ideological cancers.

I have NO idea what they hope to accomplish by imprisoning or eliminating the rest of us when we’re the ones who make & provide everything they use and need to live out their miserable, self loathing, pathetic tiny lives. They produce nothing except chaos, confusion, divisiveness and constant crisis. While we are essential to them, they are in no way essential to us. They’ve never stopped to consider how a Master’s Degree in black, political gender sciences has absolutely NO value in a collapsed society. Tough love, I guess. When someone’s not accustomed to thinking for themselves, they also have problems thinking through all of their poor life choices. That’s when they find a target on which they can project their irrational hate, and find temporarily relief from their own insecurities. Without any abilities to reason in a particular situation, they’re complete screwed.

They refuse to admit it, but without us and our brains to keep the machine of culture, society & civilization running smoothly, the Left is stuck waaaaaay up Shit Creek without a paddle. If you still don’t think they really suck at planning, organization & management, just take a look at the world of shit we find ourselves in today. It’s US, not them who are the ones who actually keep this country going. Food, water, sewer, gas, electricity, waste disposal, medicine, transport and that’s only the short list! WTF do they think they’re actually going to do? They can’t seem to get it through their fucking thick skulls how much they rely on us simply for their most basic survival. How the fuck do they successfully manage their lives with protests, temper tantrums, violence, shitty music, bastardization of the English language in every way you can think and of course, their feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings? None of those things puts food on the table or makes it possible for clean water to flow out a tap…none.

When you think about it, it wouldn’t take too much to rock their little world and the results would be visible almost immediately. Shut it all down; maybe then they’ll finally get the message. Perhaps that would take the swing out of their wrecking ball. Imagine, suddenly no cellphones, wifi or computers. That means NO Facebook or Twitter. The HORROR! How does their revolution possibly continue in such a dire situation? It can’t and thankfully for us, they’re too fucking stupid to see this. Not even the fabled elites and ruling class leeches are immune from being impacted & affected by a pause of life as they have come to know & take for granted. Who knows, they may even flee the country to escape the wrath of all the fuckwits they suckered into buying a piece of their new world. That kind of punishment is usually reserved for the very worst of liars. For example, remember how Joey Potatoes campaigned on his promise to forgive the student loan debt if he was elected president? Of course, lots of dipsticks out there fell for it and voted for Joey, not because they thought he was the best candidate or even because they liked him. They only voted for him because they wanted to have their fucking student loan debt cancelled. To Hell with anyone else or for that matter, the rest of the country. In doing so, they made themselves unwitting co-conspirators in the coup. So what happened with that promise? Gramps is now backtracking on the entire student debt cancellation thing and saying it isn’t going to happen. How about all the huffing & puffing over how anyone making less than $400K a year won’t see any new taxes? Isn’t that uncomfortably reminiscent of the obamanoid’s lie about your health insurance premiums not increasing with Ocare? Surprise, surprise, surprise! Seems like everybody will now be going into the barrel for new taxes. See, these pricks have NO conscience whatsoever when it comes to telling people whatever they think they want to hear, then doing the complete opposite. It’s so bad, they even lie to their own base. I wonder how many Joey fanboys are pissed to learn they won’t be getting a pony, after all. I wonder how many are dumbstruck by the way Old Joe played them. I wonder how many are experiencing a serious case of buyer’s remorse? Tough shit kids, you bought it & broke it, so you pay for it. You haven’t even seen shit yet!

Watching as all of this happens everyday is maddening; however, there are glimmers of hope finally starting to appear. The greatest of hopes is that more people everyday are growing sick & tired of all this bullshit: sick & tired of Joe Biden & his merry ban of thieves continuing to make more of the worst decisions & choices imaginable for the country. Thanks to their campaign of dishonesty & misinformation, I no longer trust anyone in government, the medical field or law enforcement. I hate saying that as much as I hate watching Loyd Austin systematically purge our military of real Americans and replace them with dweebs, fruits, freaks, soi bois and boot lickers. It’s horrible to watch as our own version of China’s Cultural Revolution plays out here on American soil. Once Mao successfully achieved complete political power, he killed the student Red Guards who had played such an important part in helping him secure that power. Hey, what are friends for? Perhaps the strangest thing about our own cultural revolution is how it lacks any one, primary figure of power. There’s no great leader; no Mao, Stalin or Castro. The people we are most familiar with who would traditionally occupy the offices of leadership are all plants & puppets of those running the show behind the curtain. For some reason, we aren’t allowed to know exactly who it is who is doing all of this to us. Cowards. There’s nobody for us to individually hold accountable about everything that’s happening. That’s part of their coup dynamic; no recognizable points of accountability which may be attacked. Instead, there’s some sort of nefariously secretive, star chamber like group lurking in the shadows & pulling all of the strings. Whoever they are, they’ve been very calculated and patient over the years, taking their sweet time to infiltrate and undermine almost every government agency & cultural institution. However, that still doesn’t make them any more self sufficient from all the essentials they rely on us to provide for their survival. Once we take our ability to refuse to consent to be governed more seriously by stopping to cooperate with providing everything they need to keep their coup going, it won’t be long until they are starved out of power. As I said before, there are glimmers of hope starting to appear. 

I still hold onto an ever diminishing hope we are somehow going to get out of all this peacefully. If we do, I can’t see how it will be because of having anything to do with future elections. In case you haven’t noticed, elections are now a fucking joke & will remain so until there is any serious reform, if ever. Our traditional democratic electoral process has been transformed into yet another one of the Donkee’s sick & twisted distortions of reality. Look no further than the mountain of growing evidence that proves the election was stolen, yet the people who hold all the power to restore public confidence in the election process again won’t.  I won’t mention names, but the Supreme Court is the first which comes to mind. Unfortunately, the rot runs both deep & far. Forget about voting ourselves out of this any time soon. It’s not happening.

Usually, I leave you every week with patriotic exhortations and reaffirming we will indeed escape this communist led, globalist funded, democrat executed, unending inexorable destruction of our great republic; but to be honest, I really don’t know anymore than you about what could happen next. If there’s one important thing I learned from the fucking chink flu scamdemic it’s how quickly people will bow to doing whatever their televisions tell them. It’s almost unbelievable how fast and easily people will accept a lie as the absolute truth. However, there it is and it is what it is. Personally, I think the Left is trying to bait us into a violent reaction. They’re trying to provoke us to a point where we retaliate & then they’ll have their excuse for going completely authoritarian. Just take a look at how they’ve perverted and corrupted the truth about January 6th as a reason for their ongoing over reach and abuses of power. At some point, they will have to make their move to disarm us & once they outlaw personal firearm possession, all of those miserable mask holes & Karens will be falling all over themselves to report & snitch you out as a gun owner on the government hotline because they once heard you taking about guns at a party ten years ago. So button up your traps. Keep your mouths shut about what you own or any of your future plans. Keep your eyes open & ears to the ground because cancelling the Second Amendment is their next big play. The good news? Without a completely disarmed populace, their revolution has no chance of succeeding. Traditional, personal gun ownership remains the greatest impediment to achieving their sinister & insidious objectives. Only talk about your weapons when you need to share the story about how you lost them all several years ago. They can’t take what they can’t find and when the time comes, you’ll know what needs to be done. Plan, plan, plan. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Train, train, train. You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Above all, pray every day for God to deliver us & our country from this evil. Take good care of each other, we’re going to need one another more than ever. I know you know this.

As Americans, we have faced down far worse and always prevailed; numerous times! Realize our future is still very much unwritten and prepare yourselves to either live in it, or see to it “they” don’t.

That is all.  Carry on.

General Mossberg