Not This Shit Again!

Not This Shit Again!

✪ As we all already know, the group of players responsible for this gut wrenching mother of all clusterfucks this last week in Afghanistan are currently in the process of making everything even worse as part of their ongoing campaign to discredit, destabilize and destroy the United States of America. And while it would all be too incredibly easy for us to make President Pissants the fall guy for the sudden abandonment of the Bagram Air Base, the disastrously disorganized withdrawal & now the needless deaths of 14 young American Marines; I suggest instead, that all of this has been carefully organized, planned out and executed to the last detail by the illegitimate & criminal Biden Family Crime Syndicate, their globalist handlers, direct benefactors, the Democrat Party and their propaganda media. What we’re watching unfold  now is no longer just more of the same, moronic “aw shucks, folks” policy bungling by the brain dead Thief in Chief, but a highly orchestrated and finely tuned false flag event specifically designed to provide cover for the transfer of military weaponry to arm the Taliban, give the Biden administration political excuses for fielding a multi-million man jihadi army onto American soil while completely destroying America’s international standing in all matters of foreign policy. There’s NO way President Potato has enough functioning brain cells to be the architect behind any of this. Once again, Joe’s playing the convenient patsy at the bidding of much more dark & sinister forces; the global communists who are Hell bent on domesticating Humanity as pets.

It’s not only Joe. Everyone has played a part in this latest and greatest drama of supercharged foolfuckery to take down the country: Congress, the Pentagon, the Intelligence agencies and the News Media. Most of whom who collectively don’t share enough sense among themselves to be able to successfully wipe their own asses, yet they still have enough power and control get us all killed. Isn’t that just wonderful? Everyone else has enough common sense to know the odds are not in our favor. We can’t keep doing this much stupid shit indefinitely at every turn & expect to keep getting away with it! How is it possible any government could ever become so dishonest or fucking stupid to it’s own detriment, but here we are! How is it the country must be made to suffer day after day through the torture of all this self destructive insanity? How can any idiot Biden voter still insist any of this is good for anybody? The Biden Regime and the Democrat Party are enemies of America! There, I said it; as if the rest of us didn’t already know this! Joe also has a cabinet full of nothing but half assed, failed, loser policy wonks who think this is all some sort of high school lab experiment; and whose only real skills in life are spinning endless lies in front of cameras to make more excuses for their pathetic mistakes. Their biggest cheerleading fool is that clueless “circle back” ginger bimbo tool, “Raggedy Jen.” This is what we get for 47 years of “experience” in government.

I’m not only talking about Biden’s pigheaded surrender of Afghanistan to a bunch of illiterate goathumpers, either! I’m talking about everything else, the entire damned shooting match that’s happened during everyday of the last eight months. Nothing but one planned fucked up, crisis drama after another. You’ve all watched & seen it for yourselves with your own two eyes: the glazed over apathetic expressions on their traitorous faces, the monotonous tonality coming from their blank and pasty poker faces. The wooden postures, the feigned false concern coupled with the complete futility and unwillingness to ever do anything positive or beneficial for America or Americans. Fuck NO! NOT. ONE. STINKING. THING. “In the spirit of diplomacy, we’re working closely with the Taliban to come up with a solution.” FUCK YOU! Kill those motherfuckers if they dare to stand in the way of us extracting our citizens from that shit hole! You don’t negotiate with terrorists, you KILL them! We now have a fucking Stepford, Vichy government in control of the country. I swear, it’s as if they’ve all been taken down from a shelf somewhere in the storeroom and wound up using the same talking points key; They’re all bought & paid off Chinese, globalist tools!

Only once you manage to wake from your deep CNN and FUX news induced trance & start to seriously ask yourself “what the fuck is wrong with these people?” because apparently most of the sleeping Sheep think they are doing a really great job instead of being little faggot monkeys beholden to a sadistic organ grinder by doing exactly what they have been prompted to do again and again. How about you? I’m tired of them fucking everything up and then making excuses blowing smoke up our asses. Look at them; they avoid reality and painful responsibility with their patently scripted & false blubbering bullshit responses. And they pay themselves handsomely for the privilege! There’s not an honest one to be found among them. The Political Class are all pathological liars; but I repeat myself! Don’t listen to what they say, but watch what they do. By their actions you shall know them. Every last fucking one of them! The fish rots from the head down; staring with that incompetent criminal holding the Oval Office hostage down to Congress to their arrogant staffers on the front lines who hang up on their constituents. Butt, butt, butt “systemic racism,” climate change, white supremacists or some such other bullshit.

They’re all in on this next phase of the putsch together; Pelosi, Swallwell, Milley, Austin, Cameron, Schiff, Nadler to Waters, Sullivan Joy Reid and potato head Stelter. It matters not the excuses or how many time they pass the buck to invisible gremlins, every last member of this fucking administration must be called out & held responsible as the liars, traitors, turncoat, abusers and opportunists they truly are. Until we do, we will continue to suffer through & endure what are most likely the most dangerous times we have ever faced as a nation during our entire history. The clandestine days of stealth communist encroachment are over. They’re now making a full court press out in the open from all sides & smell blood in the water, buoyed by all the false promises for which they have sold their very souls to their masters. They are the harbingers of a dystopian future where the Elite Class rules over Humanity and the rest of us are left kicking and scratching in the dust for their meager crumbs. A new feudalist future in which “You’ll own nothing and be happy;” where you’ll eat your daily ration of cockroach protein paste (if you’ve been a good little pet and kept up your high social credit rating) while they dine on Wagu beef and lobster tail. This is real life Hunger Games shit, people.

However, I’m here to tell you this huge vast enterprise is ultimately doomed to failure. Even if the rest of the entire world crumbles before the New Order, we Americans will continue to hold fast to our Faith, individuality and guns. We will hold fast until our deaths. Don’t be fooled, they still have plans for us, but we’re going to piss in their Wheaties big time by pretty much destroying them and everything they have cheated, lied and worked so hard to achieve! When I say “Americans” I don’t mean those shrimp dicked, soi saturated, sexually confused fuck faces who dare call themselves Americans because they only live here (at least for now) to take advantage of the country while they’re trying to wreck it. No, when I say “Americans” I’m talking about real people who are now about a hair’s breathe away from saying “That’s enough, you rotten communist bastards!” I’m talking about what has up until now, remained the “silent majority.” We are the ones who are going to stop the Left with a monumental ass beating. Expect us, we are many and we are coming.

There will come a time when excuses will no longer protect them. “I didn’t mean it. I was only flowing orders, They told me to do it” and “I had no idea” will ring empty and hollow. They have incurred the righteous wrath of all who only want to work, save, raise their families and enjoy their lives as best they could until the government social engineers came along and completely screwed with that. Not because good people ever want to do any of these unpleasant things, but because the Political Class will force our hand into doing these things strictly for continued survival. The assholes pushing all of this are welcome to STOP at any time, but they won’t.

America is still very much alive. Our communist government & Media desperately want you to forget this and to lose all hope in the Future. In fact, they’re counting on this in order for them to finally win. This is the part of their playbook operations called “discouragement.” The objective is to make Life so fucking difficult and unpleasant that we all just suddenly give up and say, “here’s what’s left of our meager freedoms, please just take them in exchange for peace and security.” However, they won’t. That will be the exact moment they ramp everything up. That’s when you’ll see the camps open up and people disappearing for their “thought crimes.” However, that will NEVER happen because real Americans who are armed, pissed and ready to roll still make up the majority. How inconvenient. They know this; hence their desperate attempts to replace us by importing millions of dirty knuckle draggers here to prop up their take over attempt. It’s certainly no accident and it’s all definitely by design. Plan and prepare accordingly.  The current regime is scared shitless we will stop them before they finally succeed. Will we? You betcha! When depends on you and I and our resolve to leave an America to future generations and the rest of the World which will still be a beacon light for freedom.

There’s no longer any possibility of “fixing” this shit. That would be a complete waste of time. The current “players” need to be completely removed from the stage of influence. In order to be cancer free and forever rid ourselves of the ideological filth of marxism, what’s needed now is a complete reboot of the system to offload all the parasites. Are we up to the task of taking care of business? I believe we are. We should have never let things come this far. I can already see the Promised Land from my porch. How about you? ✪

As you were & carry on,

General Mossberg