✪ Holy shit! What a week it’s been! We made it through another one. It’s gotten to the point when I wake up every morning the first thought that comes into my head is “I wonder what President Pisspants will fuck up today?” I’m stuck in an odd conundrum, I had a feeling this is exactly what would happen with this idiot but at the same time, I’m still also incredibly disappointed. I get it: he’s an old, worn out, demented, senile, career grifting asshole, that we already knew. However, he’s still an idiot occupying the office of the most powerful person in the World, usually referred by the title of “Leader Of The Free World.” One very big reason the entire fucking World is on fire now & doesn’t look nearly as free as it once was is because of this asshole, his regime and his hidden masters. You know all of these globalist pricks pushing all of this couldn’t be more happy now if they had just shit themselves. They must be grinning from ear to ear because of their tool in the White House. They simply can’t believe all their good fortune! Have you also noticed lately how China is just doing whatever the Hell they damned well please without any concerns about a reaction or push back from the US? This is what we get when we have a fake (p)Resident who’s been instructed not to take questions after press conferences. Remember Iran, that hostile country run by a group of crazy diaper headed mullahs trying to build a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel? This last week, they enjoyed taking delivery of literally TONS of high quality American designed & manufactured, cutting edge military weapons, ammunition, aircraft, helicopters, vehicles, electronics, drones and other accessories without even blinking an eye. Lots of the swag our fearless leader ordered our woke military to abandon during their completely incompetent surrender of Afghanistan was shipped out to Iran and Pakistan where I’m certain it will be put to very good use breathing new life back into the jihadi war to establish a global, Islamic caliphate. Good times, eh?  Even our old pal Fat Boy Kimmy is popping up again & cranking up all of his nuclear development shit. Rumor has it Kim prank calls the White House during Joey’s afternoon nap time & asks to speak with President Jill. What a fucking retarded, loser, douchebag jerk off. Not Kim, our President Potato. Thanks to him and his corrupt, criminal regime our enemies are positioning themselves to take full advantage of our weakness & vulnerability. They are now circling us like packs of hungry hyenas waiting for the strike. Except in our case, our weakness & vulnerability are all completely unnecessary & self inflicted; the result of the country drifting dangerously without any direction or competent leadership.

Exactly who are these wretched people running our country; and how did our government come to be so full of them?  Better yet, how did they all find their way into positions of such high level power & responsibility which they routinely abuse & ignore? That clueless, worthless horse’s ass Blinken is in way over his fat head and it really shows. How in blazes did such a limp & pasty chin wiper like himself ever manage to become the Secretary of State? Don’t insult our intelligence; he should be ringing up shoes at Payless somewhere in a college town. He’s the Secretary of State everybody loves to hate, including other countries we consider our adversaries, especially other countries we consider our adversaries. I won’t mention any names, but China is the first one which comes to mind. They’ve lynched Blinky more than once. He’s gotta go. END of story. He’s gotta go! We can’t afford the luxury of having American foreign policy managed by a bunch of Marxist, Ivy League lawyers. Then we have the adult child Kirby, who is the Intelligence Junta’s voice of propaganda. Don’t be fooled by that “what, me worry?” look; he’s not really there to answer questions, he’s there to make certain the narrative moves in the direction most beneficial to the aims of his masters. I just can’t listen to that annoying prick: too many obvious lies and deflections. He righteously pisses me off. He’s gotta go.  And that insufferable little cock holster, Jake Sullivan, who looks & sounds like another fluffer. Those creative interpretations he calls “ explanations of events” challenge even the most vivid of imaginations. I’m getting so tired of hearing all these cuck Ivy League lawyers playing politicians talk down to me and the country while taking absolutely NO responsibility for the mess of the shitstorm they have all brought among us. They all gotta go!

What do all of these Washington DC bowel worms have in common? Could it be all the lies they spin in the name of taking down the country to pave the way for a one World Communist Government? Don’t piss on top of my head and then tell me it’s raining. They all gotta go! A pack of cub scouts could have figured out a better way to leave Afghanistan because apparently, even eight year olds have more common sense than the Marxist, mercenary misfits on Team Joe. They all gotta go! Thanks to them, this now indelible stain on our Nation’s history can never be completely erased or forgotten. According to them, this is a feature and not a bug; which confirms my suspicions that this was all planned from the very beginning. The only reason we stayed in Afghanistan for as long as we did was to make lots of money for well connected military contractors who were buddies of Jorge Boosh and Dick Cheney. The same people sacrificed American lives & treasure to protect the poppies while Congressmen sold their influence to defense industry lobbyists who took bribes from their CEO’s to bribe the Pentagon cake eating REMF’s who cried how they needed more billions to “save” yet another over-priced and behind schedule weapons system. ARGGGHHH! They all gotta go! Everywhere you look in Afghanistan, everybody had their fingers in the Government cake. For twenty years, a special club of folks did nothing but skim cream off the top and make out like bandits. Everybody involved got rich or promoted; it never seemed to trouble them how heavy a price our soldiers paid for their greed in the cost of lost lives, severe life changing wounds, mental illness & destroyed families. Once again, lots of the guys who got stuck putting their lives on the line and doing all of the heavy lifting got the shittiest party of the deal. Like the rest of us, they were also lied to; they were told the occupation of Afghanistan was to protect American interests & security by confining international terrorism. They were told we were doing a good thing by “nation building” in Afghanistan & bringing western values to that society. What a HUGE bucket of horse shit that all turned out to be! Twenty years on and what do we have to show for all of the greed, stupidity and dishonesty? Thousands needlessly dead and trillions flushed down the crapper; a broken national reputation. Game point advantage China who now has complete access and control of all of Afghanistan’s natural resources including rare Earth minerals. Way to go, Joe! You’re a regular Winston Churchill when it comes to being a master of International strategy. Then you have the nerve to go on TV and tell me your withdrawal from Afghanistan was a total fucking success. You gotta go!

Standing right up there supporting his President for the incredibly successful mission in Afghanistan is Affirmative Action Austin, the critical race theory expurt who, along with Milley, were to busy working to rid our ranks of patriotic, “domestic terrorist” Americans than to keep the Taliban in check. Like Trump said, “everything woke turns to shit.” General Moron Milley stood around with his thumb up his ass and now the goat humping Taliban are outfitted to spread their fucking holy war all over the Middle East. Milley and his other fan boy, yes man McMillan told everyone they needed 2 billion dollars every month maintain the Afghani Army but the Afghanis had not been paid in over six months; most likely because Joe got some sage wisdom from John Kerry about making Boosh look bad by cutting funding to support the Afghani Army. Who knows? The corrupt Afghan government was certainly in on the 20 year take. Their president fled the country with suitcases full of $169 million dollars and remember that shit weasel, Kharzi? Well, he now supports the Taliban. The chain of endless cash came from Centcom Command, who answers directly to Milley, who answers directly to Austin, who answers directly to the “Big Guy” himself. They all got paid! They all gotta go! In almost two weeks, have you heard either Austin or Milley issue any public statement outlining their positions regarding the 13 Marines who were killed in the expolsion at the Kabul Airport? NO, you haven’t because they really don’t give a shit that our soldiers were killed and wounded in a suicide bomb blast that EVERYONE IN COMMAND KNEW WAS COMING AND DID NOTHING TO STOP! There I go, getting myself pissed off again. Perhaps the thing which pisses me off the most is how absolutely unnecessary all of this was. NONE of this would have ever happened under Trump’s watch and you know it. As time moves on, I think we are going to start learning how most of this was actually by design. It all fits & serves the objectives of the Left too well; suddenly abandon a country you’ve occupied for two decades while leaving $82 billion worth of equipment and armament to empower the enemy. Create a power vacuum which invites China in to seize important natural resources & establish a permanent military foothold in the region. Import millions of unscreened & unvetted, single fighting aged men into the United States under the pretense of calling them “refugees.” Dump most of these “refugees” into Red states where they will create the most chaos and dilute voter demographics. Direct all public outrage and criticism to the phony, propped up placeholder in the White House who actually has pudding for brains. It’s the drooling guy’s fault! See how that works? I tell you, they all gotta go!

Another thing which pisses me off is knowing that out of the 130 thousand people taken out of Afghanistan, only about 5500 of those were actual American citizens and less than 2000 were special visa holders. The other 123,000 are basically unknown quantities. Are they terrorists? Do any of them have criminal histories? How about dangerous diseases? Nobody in this administration seems to have a clue nor care. Most of these “refugees” don’t seem to speak a word of English which will all but guarantee they will never assimilate into our culture. It seems that most of the loyal translators who worked for us were also left behind to fend for themselves. And who knows how many American citizens were also left behind by this treasonous regime? Our biased media and their lying DC spinmasters assure us it’s less than 200, but everything in my gut tells me it’s probably more in the area of between 10-15K. Team Joe abandoned regular Americans and left them behind. Team Joe broke promises and violated the trust of those whelped us. Team Joe has armed a huge islamic terrorist army against the West. The Neocons are all sporting fresh wood, “See, we can’t leave innocent people there, We need to go back in and secure the country again!” They all gotta go!

A clean sweep of this rotting government needs to be made and every guilty party brought to justice to answer for all of their crimes! We need real national leaders who will support the America First policy doctrine instead of selfish politicians who always place the interests of third and fourth world shitholes over those of Americans. Socialism and its proponents need to be flushed from every level of American government; from the President & Congress all the way down to every mayor and local dog catcher. Put them all on 30 days notice to leave the country without their money. That seems fair enough. Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea; I don’t give a shit which socialist paradise they leave to so long as they are gone. They’ve abused our laws and turned our rules back against us long enough and can never be trusted with power here ever again. Ever. Let them live out their last days in their socialist dream, but somewhere else besides America. They all gotta go! So far I’ve been reasonably guarded about discussing what needs to be done because I don’t want to give any of the online SJW Karens who lurk here any opportunity. However, if this shit continues, I’ll share some simple tips on ROE that will give all of you a little more peace of mind. Remember, we greatly outnumber them. In the end, they can’t possibly win, especially when we make their main goal getting their miserable asses out of the country as quickly as possible. Sucks to be them! But, as you and I both know, regardless, they all gotta go!✪

Remain alert & carry on,

General Mossberg