Give And Take And Take And Take

Give And Take And Take And Take

✪ Well Hell, where do I even begin for this week? We’ve had to sit and suffer through another week of President Piss Head “speeches.” One lie after another, drooling on & on with the constant “dark winter” doom and gloom schtick. Now he’s blaming the healthy & unvaccinated people for infecting his vaccinated sheep with the Chink Flu & further dividing the country. Yes, Joey Mumbles actually said the unvaccinated are now the official plague carriers who are infecting the vaccinated. That in and of itself is absolute insanity and leads me to conclude more than ever there is some sort of other sinister and nefarious agenda behind this maniacal, government push to force vaccinate everyone in the country. It surely can’t be because the Government actually cares about my health and well being! The latest from Joe & his dirtbag crime syndicate is if you’re in good health with NO fucking co-vud symptoms, then it’s YOU infecting the sheep flock who have been quadruple inoculated by an experimental serum that is supposed to…wait for it…wait for it… PREVENT YOU FROM BECOMING INFECTED WITH COVID 19! What the fuck is wrong with these people? What’s wrong is they are all pathological liars who serve Satan. 

Meanwhile back at your friendly local hospital, health care professionals are alarmed by an ever increasing number of already vaxxed sheep showing up at death’s door because simple, inexpensive and effective treatments they should have received but are not allowed to have, are not being administered because they cut into the huge piles of money some are counting on making in this scam. Who gives a fuck about human life and suffering when you have the chance to become a billionaire? You see, Big Brother Pharma doesn’t like cheap & easy fixes like Ivermectin and HCQ because they cut into their profit margins! Oh, noez! Let’s review, shall we? You want to be a good citizen, so you take the jab and become sick as a dog a few days later; but this time, it isn’t the flu. It’s an entirely different, much more serious ballgame of heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, nerve damage, cognitive issues sometimes accompanied by the the loss of coordination and ability to walk, uncontrolled shaking, baseball mitts growing out of your groin, lesions both domestic and foreign & almost every other possible fucking medical horror you can imagine. And don’t forget DEATH! For some, the vaccine is very effective at preventing them from catching co-vud. That’s because they just up and DIE within several hours or days after taking the jab. Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens far more often and in greater numbers than they are ever willing to admit. Most vaxxed folks seem perfectly fine, at least for now, but for how long? Perhaps forever, but who the fuck really knows? Nobody. There are no studies on the long term effects of these experimental, genetically modifying, chemical agents, er excuse me, “vaccines.” Nobody knows because the issue has become so confused by the numerous LIES of the numerous people who all seem to have a personal interest in how this scamdemic plays out. The politicians, media and drug companies all continue to LIE thru their teeth while this mother of all clusterfucks continues to drag out day after day.

So what is the actual Truth and where may it be found? Is there anyone left we can actually believe who isn’t trying to twist this mess around so they can become a billionaire or the next Hitler? How about President Drooler & his administration? That joke? What about the esteemed Herr Doktor Fauci? That megalomaniac sociopath? Our mainstream Media? Those worthless, communist ass lickers? Social media companies? Hahaha! Those totalitarian globalist tools with censorship woodies? Instead of serving the public with accurate information, all of the aforementioned have instead made the Truth harder to find than a one dollar hooker at Christmas Mass. I have my own strategy I use to sort things out: whenever I read something, I check the source and then weigh the new information up against what I already know and have seen, then I make a decision about it one way or the other. It’s not a 100% perfect system, but it greatly reduces my chances of being blindsided out of nowhere by some sort of outrageous propaganda bullshit. To be honest, at the end of the day, I don’t trust any of them: the politicians, News media, health “experts” or social media companies because I know they all care more about the agenda than they ever will for me. All of them want their pound of flesh; and they want to take it out of my ass. After all of the misinformation, fact twisting and outright censorship I have witnessed since this entire fiasco began almost TWO YEARS AGO, I don’t trust any of them farther than I can spit. Kind of the same way I feel whenever I see the media, time and time again, conveniently omit the details about race or the political affiliation of some murderer because in those instances, telling the truth would be, you know, “racist.” That’s just how fucking stupid these idiots are because when they pull this shit, you know the perp in the story is either a black, muslim or member of some other communist pet victim class. Whenever Fuckbook, Twatter, Instacramp and YouBoob immediately ban content, that’s the universal sign it was the Truth. It’s only banned because it negates their narrative. Case in point; this past week YouTube scrubbed all of the antivax content from their platform. Every antivax video disappeared overnight like they never even happened. Poof! Gone! I guess they can’t tolerate any information which contradicts the soap job they’re selling to the sheep for their globalist & government masters. They’ve already decided that you and I are too stupid to actually decide what is best for ourselves. See how that works?

A big part of this Media propaganda blow job involves the testimonies of hospital administrators crying and peeing in their little girl panties about overloaded hospitals overwhelmed by legions of racist, homophobe, domestic terrorist, white Nazi Trump supporters who were too selfish to take the jab for the safety of their fellow men. Oh boo hoo, fuck me in the morning. The TRUTH of the situation is 75% of all new co-vud cases in hospitals now are from the VAXXED becoming infected or other health issues directly related to the vaccine. The TRUTH of the situation is that a majority of professionals working in those hospitals treating co-vud patients REFUSE to take the vaccine themselves and are going to be FIRED for their refusal. What does that tell you? That thar sure is one brilliant plan, goobermint! Meanwhile, people with REAL diseases and medical issues requiring treatment and care continue to be delayed, ignored and pushed to the back of the bus because apparently, the only thing now that makes people ill is that fucking chink Fauci flu! Be afraid Sheep, be very afraid! There is now another uptick in co-vud cases because the 39th incarnation of 4th generation of the Lambda variant is on the loose now in some third world shit hole and it’s coming for YOU! Just in time for Winter and the regular flu season; how convenient! I’m guessing every doctor’s office visit for a sprained toe will some how be classified and reported as another case of co-vud this Winter. However, fear not children! Our Dear Leader Joe has mandated the vaccine to reap even more chaos, confusion, job loss, economic destruction and misery upon the country. Butt, butt, butt if we save only one life! Smooth move Joe, setting the table for hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers to loss their jobs smack dab right in the middle of a so-called “pandemic.” Asshole! Democrats don’t know how to help people, they only know how to use people to help themselves and if you’re someone who supports the Donkee Party because you’ve been brainwashed into thinking they actually “help” people, then you’re one of those suckers who deserves to be used. If you were one of those vaunted medical heroes everyone celebrated last year, chances are good you will soon be unemployed unless you consent to take the jab. How’s that for gratitude? However, that still won’t stop lots of them from voting blue again because as you know, Conservatives are racists who start wars, hate chocolate people, want to kill the elderly and don’t believe in climate change. It’s true because my TV tells me so everyday! There is NO pandemic and I don’t believe there ever actually was one. What there was and still remains today is the hoax of the ages designed to transform Humanity into the livestock property of the Globalist Elite.  

To prove to us all he’s deathly serious, fake president Joey Potatoes took a fake booster on the set of a fake sound stage before bugging out for the 107th time to his Delaware hideaway without taking any questions. Making matters worse, we are once again regaled & subjected to more lies and obfuscation coming from the mouths of three of the most disgraceful traitors of our military traditions ever to stain the uniform they wear with treason, sedition, betrayal, incompetence and unbecoming conduct. Oh, and let’s not forget the part they played in undercutting a sitting president; or, how their many, very bad decisions resulted in the unnecessary deaths of LOTS of very good people. Let’s also not forget how they armed a radical terrorist organization with $83 BILLION dollars worth of cutting edge, modern warfare technology. Say their names! Affirmative Action Austin, Thoroughly Modern Woke Milley, & Fuck Hole McKenzie!

Seems Austin and Milley have spent so much time wallowing in the Critical Race Theory sewage they have lost all sight of the principles of fundamental leadership. They’ve traded their in their military responsibility in favor of supporting the latest, useless, bullshit woke fad. In the process, they surrendered to a bunch of violent, nomadic goatfuckers who hate women and worship a satanic rock god. They destroyed the reputation of the United States in the eyes of the rest of the World by making us appear to be the clueless, bumbling idiots we seem to have become under this disastrous regime. For all practical purposes, they have betrayed our allies and empowered our enemies. They have put the Chinese within an arm’s reach of total World domination and all of this without barely a single shot being fired. Great going, you stupid fuckwits! You have shamed ALL of us! Has any one taken any responsibility yet? NO. Has one of them bothered yet to even apologize? NO. Has anyone stepped down, resigned or been fired yet? NO. Has Congress done anything in response yet? No. If this is our “new normal,” then we are royally fucked, but that’s probably their plan anyway. Those responsible somehow manage to keep their positions and paychecks to remain in power. Apparently, there will be no consequences to answer for their crimes. They don’t care. It’s Trump’s fault! Instead, they threw the one guy among them all who had any integrity in jail. Lt Colonel Scheller was brave enough to call out these miserable Harvard tin soldiers and they threw his ass in the brig. Are you paying attention yet, America? If you’re not, you certainly should be! 

I almost forgot, Congress did hold a hearing on the Afghanistan fiasco. It was just more Donkee Soap Theater with Congress grandstanding to give the appearance they are actually doing something when in actuality, they are actually doing nothing. That seems to be the only thing they ever do well. That, along with stealing our money and destroying the country to enrich themselves. I’ll save you some time. Here’s the condensed version of the hearings:

“You screwed up! Did not! Did too! Did not! Did too! Did not! Did too! Did not! Did too! Are the cameras off, now? Good, let’s go drink! Who’s buying this time, Congressman? Who do you think always buys, General? The dumbass sucker American taxpayers!”   

Is this a great country, or what?

We are so much better than any of these filthy scum. ✪

Carry on,  

General Mossberg