☆ ADVISORY: Explicit Language & Sarcasm


In spite of our Media and Democrats, or as they should be known, as the western wing of the Communist Party, America hasn’t collapse as they were hoping. Ok, they’re still doing everything possible to keep this panic going, but people aren’t seeing what they’re really saying & as a result, aren’t paying much heed to all their bullshit except for entertainment value. They’re now completely tiresome, predictable & boring while normal Americans watch as any of their dire predictions fail to materialize; wondering instead why the nation was paralyzed by this years flu season at all. Everyone has their own suspicions; and, most are correct, too. This entire pot of boiling fear mongering propaganda was; and still is, being driven by one solitary objective. Our media, our Congress, our unelected bureaucrats, our activist judges, our elected state & local officials all have only one goal in mind: to remove Donald Trump from the office of the Presidency.  That’s been their only goal since he first announced. What we are witnessing is a ham-handed litany of gaslighting as never before seen in the entire history of our country. All attempts at this coup have failed: they have watched in astonishment as every last attempt has only served to strengthen him in the eyes of normal Americans. In their failed attempts to remove the first President in decades to actually take his job seriously, they have inadvertently exposed themselves for the seditionists & traitors they truly are. The Left cannot abide in ever supporting a true American President. Their “business as usual” mode of graft, corruption, fraud, theft and inexorable constant erosion of our Constitutional rights have all come grinding to a complete halt. Their obscene grab for wealth through their socialist agenda & their insane bid to become an elite Ruling Class served by slaves has been successfully derailed by a true American. They laughed when he announced, but are now more determined than ever to correct what they can only comprehend as an impossibility: an American President who actually serves the needs of America & We, the People. They still can’t believe it and they still can’t have it.  Thus, this clown circus of the Left we are all forced to endure.  

It’s not only just the closet communists who’ve been involved in this illegal gambit. They’re playing their part to be certain, but the ones who are mostly panicked are the Globalists; apex predators who now see all their future plans of global dominance in real danger. That’s why China stepped in to attempt to destroy our economy & ruin Trump’s chances of re-election. China is now suffering as never before because of Trump’s unwavering support of his America First Doctrine. China has both a means & motive for unleashing a bio weapon against the rest World as a possible path way to economic dominance. History shows & will prove, they don’t have any problem killing people, especially their own citizens. Destroying lives, that’s what they do. Now our little leftists who have always supported communist China with envy, waste no time eagerly jumping on the pandemic bandwagon as a made to order, surefire way to destroy Trump. They believe destroying America is a twofer in the process, as well. A win-win for the Left, because their primary goal of the last century has always been to destroy America & replace it with a ruler/serf class, New World Order. That’s precisely why we’re watching the Media act like coolies as they pull the Chinese Communist rickshaw. That’s precisely why we’re seeing this entire debacle of a shut down that’s all so completely unnecessary. That’s precisely why we’re seeing Democrats & RINOS demanding funding for everything possible under the guise of a “virus emergency.”  Like a pack of hyenas, striking when their prey is wounded or weakened; and, like all predators & scavengers are opportunistic feeders.  Take a quick look around at who’s waiting for America to fail so they can immediately gut it until their bellies are bloated with the flesh & blood of a once vibrant country. Pelosi, Schumer and their pack of hyenas constantly attacking from behind; trying to bleed America dry. More hyenas: Congress, unions. & unelected officials: and, the most cowardly back stabbing bastards of all, the apex enablers of our downfall, the Media.  

Here’s an easy solution; just don’t give in. We’ve seen how easily they’ll gaslight to put people into a constant state of fear. Watch & instead go by what your eyes tell you, not by our wildly wrong “expert’s” predictions. Turn off your TV; it’s actually relaxing not to be assaulted & spoon fed Globalist propaganda bullshit every minute of every day. They were wrong two months ago; and, they’re still wrong today as they continue “revising” everything they’ve predicted this far, while still trying to take all the credit. It’s all hubris on steroids, anyway. Regard any words from the World Health Organization to be merely Communist Chinese propaganda, because that’s all it is, lies & propaganda. Tune them all out & by all means, resist any touted “vaccines” that may pop up because the only ones who profit from them are the greater part of the cause of this virus in the first place. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if their real motives behind this pandemic is tracking our every move, not saving us from the flu. We have endured this shut down while still having bad feelings about it because we also don’t want to be mistaken; but we aren’t wrong. “They” are. Discard any remaining notion you may have about supporting Communist Chinese companies & their products. They’re trying to destroy us. Just STOP buying their Chinese garbage whenever possible. It might occasionally be difficult at the first because we import practically everything from China, but if enough of us stop buying, the worst possible outcome of this bio attack will only be for the Chicoms to see & experience America’s resolve. Boycott Chinese goods while letting your retailer know about it. BUY AMERICAN, not Chinese! Retailers will be hoping you soon forget & everything returns to “normal;” but let them know they can expect the cheap Chinese goods to remain on their shelves by letting them know they can either be part of the problem or a solution. It may take some time before American companies can finally divest themselves from the heroin of cheap foreign labor & materials. If we can weather the unmitigated open fraud the Left is bound to deploy during the upcoming elections, President Trump & America will be able to kneecap the Chicoms at both the executive & consumer levels. He definitely needs both the House and the Senate to do this, so let’s all do our part by voting every rotten Democrat out.  Let’s get of every  Chinese loving communist dug deep down inside Congress: as well as at the state & local levels.  

The shutdown has exposed the inherent weaknesses of many government special interests. It’s now time they’re shunned & discarded. We’ll become even more competitive when two things happen:  the elimination of every useless regulation & the curb stomping of unions. Unions have played an important part in making Chinese manufacturing attractive in the first place. Instead of funding Pelosi’s communist wish lists, let’s use that money to help move more of our own companies back to America. Eliminate all the reasons they left in the first place. The Democrats were already bankrupt long before this “Crisis” came along.  Now they sit on top of hundreds of billions of grifted tax dollars. That’s entirely government level crap. We’ll succeed in breaking China’s economy & all of their sycophant lap dog, chin wiping, minions simply by refusing to their products. They NEED us much more than we need them. BOYCOTT Communist China. Without our money, their economy will wither & die. Keep that in mind and let’s not allow this crap to ever happen again.

Especially, when they try all of this again in the Fall with a completely new & improved flu version. Just say “no”.   


Carry on.  General Mossberg