Marx Busters

Marx Busters

Ok everybody. Apparently, this insanity just isn’t going to disappear or go away any time soon. So instead, I suggest we make it go away. It won’t be easy; because what I’ve noticed is ever since people started giving their state & city government tyrants the big “fuck you” to their always changing, draconian edicts, the tyrants have decided to double down by making the business owners enforce their illegal mask and distancing orders on customers. This has placed business owners into the very uncomfortable position of having to bully and threaten their own customers in order to keep the state from shutting them down entirely. It has also created some very uncomfortable and completely unnecessary conflicts; heated exchanges between businesses and their own customers because they risk losing their business licenses if they didn’t literally enforce every state and city mask and social distancing law. So once again, the government takes an already terrible situation & makes it even worse by either forcing businesses to alienate their own customers and take the heat from a pissed off public who then won’t ever come back; or, find themselves put completely out of business by the cold & calculating Caligula enforcement of their state houses and city halls.  Unfortunately, it’s a no win situation for everybody except the politicians; as those who make the rules always remain immune from having to actually experience their effects. It’s also unconstitutional & wrong; and, forces people who are only trying to make a living into becoming unwilling gestapo agents on behalf of their elected marxist officials. I’m certain you’ve already seen it happen where you live and are fairly pissed off about it. We’ve come to learn the hard way the police won’t be allowed to protect us; but instead, are free to arrest us when we defend ourselves, our families or our own property. Time and time again, we’ve seen the communist attorney generals in blue cities set free looters, arsonists, murderers, thugs, and vandals without any charges whatsoever. The very same communist attorney generals put into office by massive, unchecked voter fraud funded by America hating globalist, marxist billionaires. So now, we’re watching the rise of radical, militant black power along with cultural destruction it brings as everyone rushes to kiss black ass in the vain hope perhaps they won’t be destroyed. But they will. We’re now seriously infected by one of the most deadly of all diseases the world has ever known; one that’s killed far more innocent people than that idiotic, non deadly, bullshit chink bat flu ever will: communism. We  now find ourselves in the fight of our lives because the enemy is already inside the wire and just waiting & plotting for the right time to come finish off the country and us. 

If Biden and his progressive Democrat Party somehow manage to win or steal the election in November; we won’t only be fighting for our freedom, but for our very existence. They’ll demand us to immediately start working our asses off tirelessly to pay for all of their incredibly irresponsible programs. They believe that if they can only seize power & take over, the very same America that’s given them every opportunity to excel and prosper will simply roll over & surrender to their socialist agenda without a fight! They really are that vapidly, fucking stupid!  What they call & consider to be free, will be taken from off the backs and out of the wallets of their new slave class, who’s only reason for existence will be to fund the coming economic disaster they plan to implement!  A new slave class they’ll treat like absolute shit. A new slave class forced to bow down to radical blacks and endure the punishment of the new antifa police force who will delight in making life as miserable as possible for everyone. They plan to rule with an iron fist as they steal our wealth, take our homes, outlaw our cars and enslave our children in their public schools to their poisonous ideology; because that’s exactly what communists do! Instead of understanding how History really works and learning from its lessons, today’s leftist idiots like to believe they’re the ones who are actually making it! They have no fucking clue how badly they’re being played by their communist masters! Of course, a small handful of them will manage to endure & rise to the top of the shit pile, but most will simply be disappeared once their usefulness is no longer needed. These are the front line activists, looters, destroyers and political malcontents who will never be satisfied. The new marxist elites aren’t going to take any chances having dumb fucks like them mess up their new country! They’ll expect all Americans to become slaves, and a bunch of insane anarchists who have already no limits to violence and depravity will immediately be killed once they’ve finished serving their purpose. Every communist revolution must eventually dispose of all of its useful idiots. I have a much better idea; let’s kill all them first. Without their leftist stooges doing all of the dirty work, the financiers and globalists are powerless to do a fucking thing. A king no longer remains a king once his entire army has been slaughtered. That’s a History lesson they’ve never been taught and know absolutely nothing about.  Now’s our chance to help them make History.

Not so long ago, there was a time when I hoped all of this shit would be squared away peacefully. That was until I discovered how deep Marxism has entrenched itself into our country, culture and politics. So many of our governors, mayors, city councils, police departments, public service employees, Federal appointees, judges and lawyers are now siding with the communist takeover. That’s why I’m almost completely positive Trump’s re-election in November win will trigger a new civil war. If Biden wins, the new war probably won’t begin until the following Spring; but either way, it is coming. It’s funny, because now, whenever you read something about the Rats, they’re running their mouths and acting exactly as if they’ve already won. Relax, because every country that’s ever been overthrown by a revolution has first been disarmed.  The bottom line? That simply ain’t happening here, guaranteed! There’s probably some of you who don’t relish the thought of having to go somewhere in search of a gunfight with marxists. I don’t blame you either; having to kill other people isn’t ever any fun; however, there’s still a shit ton of folks out there who won’t hesitate for one second to shoot every last commie fuck if they ever show up to try and confiscate weapons. I know I certainly will! There’s never been a better time than today to prepare and get yourself right for what’s coming. Start by actually taking control over a small, but extremely important sphere of influence: your own home.  Start learning next how you can expand that sphere of influence farther out to as much as 1000 yards from your home. If you haven’t already done so, get to know your neighbors; and, if you already have, then make a point to get to know them even better. Don’t worry or be surprised if a few of them disappoint you because that’s bound to happen. Be prepared for some neighborhood Karen to rat you out in order to save her own ass. Note and remember any who may stir bad or uneasy feelings in you.  Most importantly, listen to your instincts; as they will rarely lead you wrong. If you’re lucky, there may be only ten out of every 100 people you’ll be able to trust and depend on if things turn really heavy. Don’t forget; when your gut tells you something, don’t ignore it. People are all highly unpredictable; Gung Ho bad asses will some times run and hide under the house; while the music teacher you made fun of in high school guns down an entire car full of antifa scum. Until the real shit actually starts flying, it might be difficult to really know what the people around you are really made of. Once everything finally does cook the fuck off, then you’ll know right away. Until you actually see who is or isn’t in the fight, you can really only count on yourself. There won’t be any room allowed for fence sitting this time around because everybody knows the stakes are too high. If people are not willing to fight for their freedom, then they probably don’t deserve it. If some people are willing to kill other Americans in order to create a socialist, shit hole hell on Earth, then they deserve no less than to be irrevocably destroyed. These are the hard, cold facts and deep inside, you know them to be true.  If you aren’t already well stocked and armed, you need to start figuring out a way to become well stocked and armed fast, because it’s already pretty late in the game.

Remember as in any war, after the first couple of weeks, there will be hundreds if not thousands of extra weapons available which have been given up and taken off of dead insurgents. Learn where you need to go to rearm or get fresh food and water. Learn who and where you should avoid because eventually, they’ll probably need to be removed as well. Personally, I don’t like the idea of leaving potential enemies behind to live and fight another day, but that’s just me. You should take advantage of this time to study and learn new tactics; acquire new skills & abilities. What you will later be tasked to do is what you should be learning now. If you’re quite not certain you have the stomach for it, that’s ok too. Nobody is really born a gleeful killer, except those making all the trouble now in our streets. I can’t tell you how to think, act, or how all of this might make you feel, because the experience will be different for everybody. Keep you weapons in top condition and at the ready, because you never know when all Hell might break loose; it could even be tomorrow. Load your magazines, bag extra rounds, and be prepared for a fight to restore America back to what it was always meant to be; regardless of whomever wins the election. The communists have now breached the gates and are already engaging us in battle. The Chinese and Mexican cartels are probably secretly arming and training them. That could come as a big surprise when the shooting finally starts; so make certain you’re completely prepared for every contingency. Always pick & choose your battles wisely to give yourself the best advantage. Make your peace with God and defend what’s rightfully yours like a mother grizzly. Do not go gently into that good night, for we are the coming of the dawn’s new light……born to remove this dark stain from our nation with such ferocity and merciless brutality that any country or ideology dare not ever again stir that sleeping giant as to fill him with such a terrible resolve.  Once we win, we will finally once again truly be America.  Let’s do it together.

As you were.  Carry on…..

General Mossberg