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The Progressive Indifference To The Pain & Loss Of Small Businesses

Last year’s politicized and panicked lockdowns of the economy will be exacting costs for years. From deaths of despair like suicides and drug overdoses, to lost years of learning in schools and psychological fallout from children being isolated––we will be dealing with such consequences of policies that have nothing to do with science, and everything to do with political expediency…


Time to Overturn Roe v. Wade

In May, the Supreme Court put abortion on the docket for its upcoming session by agreeing to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The high court’s decision to hear this case registered on the seismometer of every American that carefully follows the abortion issue. It means that Roe v. Wade, which has defined abortion reality in the country since 1973, is open to review and could be overturned…


OP-ED: Meet The US Government’s Leftist Junta Of National Destruction

Now proceeding with the demolition of the United States of America. “Our democracy,” is the official government term for conditions following the 2020 election. Angelo Codevilla argues that it’s not a democracy but an oligarchy. Since that means rule by a group, “junta” would also appropriate, and historical examples are instructive…