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Turkish Anti-Semites Celebrate Rocket Attacks Against Israel

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This, a religious war, is the real reason Hamas and its enablers are conducting an unprovoked, jihadist assault against Israel. The tweets posted by Turks calling for further attacks against Jews just reaffirm the repeated vow of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to “reconquer” Jerusalem, which was part of the Ottoman Empire, as part of a new caliphate for Islam…


Yellen Pushes For Higher Taxes, Stronger Unions & More Globalism To US Chamber Of Commerce

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling for business leaders to pay higher taxes to support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure program. In addition, Yellen said worker pay inequality stems in part from a lack of union power, and said companies should welcome global competition…


The End Of Faucism Is Nigh

For months, there wasn’t a day that went by when Dr. Anthony Fauci wasn’t doing multiple interviews spreading fear of Covid-19, demanding people take the various “vaccines,” and changing his talking points from moment to moment on a slew of healthcare-related issues. We saw a clear change last week when the White House’s chief doc seemed to fly under the radar for the first time since Joe Biden took office.