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The People Who Enjoy Making Everyone Else’s Lives Miserable

Anyone thinking a month ago that the country was putting the tyranny of lockdowns and mask mandates in the past was being unrealistically optimistic. The U.S. is overflowing with an army of nags, busybodies, and stuffy schoolmarms clinging bitterly to the power they’ve had over others since the pandemic began, and the Delta variant arrived for them just in time…


Josiah Lippincott: America Deserves Better Than Its Current Military Leadership.

⭐️ Southern Wolf

On July 22, Major General Patrick Donahoe, the Commanding General of Fort Benning, reported from his official Twitter account that he was seeing a “surge” in ICU visits among young soldiers due to Covid. He reported that he would mandate the vaccine if he had the power to do so…


Children Deserve To Be Born For Love And Not Welfare Payments

Democrats are announcing defeat in their half-century “War on Poverty.” They’re just too good at propaganda to put it that way. Instead, they’re taking to mouthpiece outlets like The Atlantic to gush over the latest expansion of the United States’ social welfare state: monthly checks to parents taken through federal deficits straight from their kids’ futures…