The IRS Will Soon Require You To Submit Biometric Data To Access Your Account

Hundreds of years after a minor increase in the duties paid on tea goaded American farmers and craftsmen to take on the greatest empire in the world, these colonials’ descendants are being told to hand over something much more personal than their money…


The Federal Government Has Become Pablo Escobar

Is it any wonder that Democrats are working so hard to “cancel” the Founding Fathers and their project for human freedom?  If Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison were alive today, they’d take one look around, spit on their hands, grab some soft dirt, and get back to work. The American Leviathan can’t have that…


New Rifle Design Literally Doubles Firepower, Drops Bad Guys ‘Like Flies’

A new twist on an old weapon has created a very deadly gun used by Britain’s elite SAS forces. The Gilboa Snake blasts out two bullets at a time and has been used by the SAS in Afghanistan and Syria combat zones. It’s laser gives soldiers an accurate range at 800m...