The ‘Inflation Reduction Act Of 2022Will Only Waste Hundreds Of Billions & Create More Inflation

If Congress were to introduce a bill to nuke the entire country, they would call it the “Save America Act of 2022″. In that same spirit, a corrupt arrangement by Senate Democrats to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to worsen inflation with corrupt spending has been dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”


Sharia Ruled 100 Mile Desert Skyscraper Will ‘Free’ People From ‘Cars And Emissions’

✪ Saudi Arabia has unveiled designs for its ambitious urban project “The Line,” touted as a one-building city in the desert which will stretch over 106 miles and ultimately house 9 million people.


A Recession? No Problem! Just Pretend It Doesn’t Exist

They think you’re stupid & all of our economic problems will magically disappear if only they change the definitions. In 2009 & mired in the slowest recovery in American history, the Obama Administration decided to dispense with antiquated economic metrics and cook up a new, non-falsifiable number that would better accommodate the president. And so, we were introduced to jobs, “saved and created.”