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Anarchy In Pelosi’s San Francisco: Stores Boarding Up As People Loot All Over The City

☆ A Once Great City Continues To Decline Under Progressive Policies

Dozens of restaurants and retail businesses across San Francisco are boarding up their storefronts with plywood, lending the normally lively retail corridors a feeling of neighborhoods about to be slammed by a hurricane, rather than one under siege by a pandemic. “When the times get tough, the tough gets going,” that’s the way Evan Kidera, owner of Señor Sisig describes a video of his restaurant getting vandalized two days ago.


California’s Governor Newsom Says Coronavirus Provides ‘Opportunity’ To Push Progressive Agenda

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☆ And You Thought All This Was About a Virus

“Absolutely, we see this as an opportunity reshape the way we do business and how we govern,” he said during a virtual press conference. The remark came near the end of a long, winding answer to a question about whether he saw “the potential” in the crisis for “a new progressive era” in state and national politics.


Senator Dianne Feinstein Sold Off Stocks Before Coronavirus Crash

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☆ It’s A Private Club & We Aren’t In It.

This morning news broke out that four Republican senators are being accused of dumping their stocks after being briefed on the coronavirus in private meetings. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. The mainstream media was quick to attack the GOP members as corrupt but it seems they are not alone.



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Primary Results Indicate Republicans Could Flip 6 California Districts

☆ Never Say Never

Republicans could flip six congressional seats in California in November based on primary results. Four additional seats are enough to make GOP candidates competitive. Democrats, on the other hand, don’t seem to have an easy path open to even one seat currently held by a Republican.