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Commentary: Chickenhawk Down

As American public support for the war in Ukraine begins to plummet, there is an organized effort rising to head off that opposition. The bipartisan insiders who support sending further aid and weaponry to Ukraine know they do not have any full-fledged opponents to their efforts, even as we ignore both the depletion of our current stocks and the enormous cost that is being passed on to American citizens—all without a real endgame… 


A Call To Action To All Patriots

You’ve felt powerless long enough. Tomorrow, patriots are called to action to take back America and ensure our future. You’ve watched the left belittle your faith, your values, and your patriotism. You’ve seen them open our borders to illegal aliens. They’ve done all they can to take from the responsible citizens and give your hard-earned money to the irresponsible...


Commentary: Will The Left Allow The Voters To Take Back Power?

Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, contains a message of hope for all who look to the invincible juggernaut of state power. She writes, “The great oak tree had stood on a hill over the Hudson . . . for hundreds of years . . . it was a thing that nothing could change or threaten . . . One night, lightning struck the oak tree . . . The trunk was only an empty shell; its heart had rotted away long ago; there was nothing inside-just a thin gray dust that was being dispersed by the whim of the faintest wind.”