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China’s Propaganda Pandemic In An Expanding Timeline

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☆The Communists In Beijing Are Lying To “Save Face”

NOTE: I understand two weeks ago I said I was going to avoid publishing Covid 19 story threads here on The New Americanist because even at that time, everyone already seemed oversaturated & burned out on all the virus news coverage. As I do not ever wish this website to simply become another 24/7 CV19 news channel, I also in no way exaggerate when I say it has become almost impossible now to source stories from anywhere on the Web which are not either directly about CV19; or, somehow related. I understand the following is quite lengthy & detailed, but also extremely comprehensive & accurate. It is presented here now as a matter of record & reference for reader consideration.


Senator Dianne Feinstein Sold Off Stocks Before Coronavirus Crash

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☆ It’s A Private Club & We Aren’t In It.

This morning news broke out that four Republican senators are being accused of dumping their stocks after being briefed on the coronavirus in private meetings. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. The mainstream media was quick to attack the GOP members as corrupt but it seems they are not alone.