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The Mass Psychosis Of Liberals

It’s been a lifelong observation that liberals are a mostly conflicted, tormented group suffering from mass psychosis. They wrap themselves up in do-good, virtue-signaling knots and then attempt to rationalize positions even they know are indefensible by putting forth the most tortured, illogical explanations imaginable…


The US Supreme Court Is Poised To End Leftwing Election Shenanigans

The justices announced Thursday that they will hear a case later this year involving the “independent state legislature theory,” which holds that state lawmakers alone control election procedures and redistricting. The news invigorated conservative groups who say bureaucratic tinkering with district lines and election laws is destroying public confidence in the political process.


The United States Has Become Two Countries Within One Nation

Not since the decade leading up to the Civil War has there been as much discussion about the possibility of the United States splitting into two or more countries as there has been in the past 10 years.  The reality is that this nation has effectively split into two countries which are, for the moment, tenuously living side-by-side…