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Election Summary: Victory For Rand Paul, Marijuana & MAGA Candidates In Primary Elections

Five states held primary elections on Tuesday: Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. One of the big questions going in was how Trump-endorsed candidates would fare (which many see as a proxy for measuring the former president’s influence within the party). The results on that front were a mixed bag...


Election Fraud Is The Only Issue

From a straight political standpoint, things are not going well for the Democrats. It’s difficult to cite a time in post-World War II America when so many things on so many fronts went this badly this quickly, and the voting public knows it’s their fault…


Europe: Macron Holds Onto Power

On Sunday evening, as the minutes ticked by until 8 PM, when the French polls would close and the results of the presidential election would be announced, a correspondent for the English-language service of France 24 stood outside Emmanuel Macron’s campaign headquarters and said that the 1300-odd international journalists who were gathered there exuded an “optimism” that the incumbent “has this in the bag.” And once again the French forgo an opportunity to change course…