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Europe: Macron Holds Onto Power

On Sunday evening, as the minutes ticked by until 8 PM, when the French polls would close and the results of the presidential election would be announced, a correspondent for the English-language service of France 24 stood outside Emmanuel Macron’s campaign headquarters and said that the 1300-odd international journalists who were gathered there exuded an “optimism” that the incumbent “has this in the bag.” And once again the French forgo an opportunity to change course…


Flipping France: Will Populism Finally Triumph In France’s Election?

✪ The result of the first round of the presidential election has confronted France with the prospect of power in the hands of Marine Le Pen, the far-right populist leader. She is only two to four points behind President Emmanuel Macron in the lead-up to the second round, a very different scenario from five years ago, when Macron, then an aspiring young leader, defeated Mrs. Le Pen handily...


It Doesn’t Matter If Voters Hate Joe Biden When The Democrats Can Rig Elections

⭐️ Jayseventynine

Modern-day Democrats have to go through the motions of campaigning, and they have to go through the motions of trying to win the hearts and minds of voters. And they resent the Hell out of it. In their world, it’s the one thing standing in their way: This need, the insistence to win elections. As soon as they can figure out a way to eliminate elections, they’ll do it.”


Ted Cruz Calls The January 6th Riot A ‘Violent Terrorist Attack On The Capitol’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shocked many conservatives on Wednesday when he echoed the left’s overwrought January 6 messaging during a Senate Rules Committee hearing, referring to the riot as a “violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” and offering full-throated support for the Capitol Police, some of whose actions led to the deaths of multiple unarmed Trump supporters. Cruz thanked the police for “defending” the U.S. Capitol and said those who assaulted law enforcement officers should be prosecuted…


Marxist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant On Track To Beat Recall Effort

Seattle’s openly Marxist city councilwoman Kshama Sawant appears to have narrowly defeated an attempted recall campaign and will likely hold onto her seat. Sawant was trailing by six percentage points in the first ballot drop, but she took the lead late last week as additional ballots were counted. At a press conference on Friday, Sawant celebrated the victory and claimed it was “brought to you by the political ideas and clarity of Socialist Alternative,” the councilwoman’s radical leftist political party…


Expose: Who Is Doctor Oz & Why Is He Running As A Republican?

I understand that someone named Dr. Mehmet Oz is running for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania – though he apparently wasn’t a Pennsylvanian until five minutes ago – and this raises several questions, like “Who is this person?”, “Why should this person be a senator instead of, say, some Amish rando from Chambersburg?”, and, most importantly, “Why is this person running as a Republican?”