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Joe & Kamel Plan To Build ‘Huge Vacuum Cleaners’ To Suck Carbon Dioxide Out Of The Atmosphere

They plan to do what?  Yes, you read correctly. Joe Biden and his minions are moving forward with a plan to use “huge vacuum cleaners” to remove millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide from the air.  If that sounds like a really stupid idea to you, that is because it is a really stupid idea. We are in the very early chapters of a horrific global food crisis and crops need carbon dioxide to grow...


The Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Is Replete With Serious Human Rights Abuses And Environmental Damage

Last week, the Business and Human Rights Resource Center (BHRRC), a human rights advocacy group with an international research team based in London, published a report warning of extensive human rights violations and environmental damage in the supply chain for electric vehicle (EV) batteries.