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Solar Panels Are Starting To Die: What Will We Do With Their Megatons Of Toxic Trash?


Most people seem to believe that wind and solar panels produce no waste and have no negative environmental impacts. Unfortunately, these people are wrong. In reality, everything that humans do has an environmental impact, whether it be mining, using a coal-fired power plant, or even tourism. When it comes to energy and environmental policy, the real question to ask is not “will there be an impact?” but rather, “can the impacts be minimized?” and “do the benefits outweigh the costs?”


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Natural Disasters Rage Across China: Disease, Pestilence, Extreme Weather, Locusts & Flooding

China, still grappling with the CCP virus pandemic, has been hit with wave after wave of natural disasters across the country. Weeks of torrential rainfall caused some of the worst flooding in decades, wreaking havoc in 26 provinces across central and southern China and disrupting the lives of more than 19 million, according to authorities. In recent weeks, hailstorms and earthquakes also struck parts of the country. Swarming locusts and animal-borne diseases were but the latest of the country’s woes.