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Americans For Tax Reform: Taxes On Business, Medicines, Energy & More In Democrat ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has listed several taxes in in the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that passed the Senate on Sunday — which Democrats now hail as a “climate” bill, since the Congressional Budget Offices says it will hardly reduce inflation…


As The Country Falters, The Old DC Dinosaur Kleptocrats Continue To Cling To Their Hold On Power

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Bernie Sanders) broke his hip last Wednesday and had surgery Thursday, and is now resting at home, where he is pursuing a “physical therapy” regimen. This a common hazard for people of advanced age: many elderly people are unsteady on their feet and brittle of bone, and end up falling and breaking a hip...


The End Of Private Car Ownership

The term “pedestrian” originally had a derogatory meaning because peasants walked while nobles were “equestrians” and rode horses. The industrial revolution eliminated this class difference, as it did so many others, by making car ownership available to the masses until eventually Herbert Hoover was able to boast that “Republican prosperity has reduced and increased earning capacity” to “put the proverbial ‘chicken in every pot’ and a car in every backyard to boot.”