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Iran Is Slated To Sell China $27 Billion In Oil This Year

Cash Bonanza: Iran has made $44.7 billion in Illegal oil sales since Joe Biden took office. Iran’s illegal oil trade has boomed under the Biden Administration, with the hardline regime selling more than $44 billion worth of its heavily sanctioned oil to malign regimes like China, Syria, and Venezuela…


Biden’s Handlers Free The Twentieth Sept 11th Hijacker From Gitmo

Mohammad Mani Ahmad al-Qahtani was, up until recently, one of the 39 remaining detainees at Guantánamo; however, on Monday, Old Joe Biden’s handlers announced that after twenty years in the camp, al-Qahtani was being sent back home to Saudi Arabia for “treatment for mental illness.” What could possibly go wrong?


Why Iran’s Mullahs Are Excited About Biden’s Nuclear Deal

When Iran’s regime is ecstatic about a deal, it should send a warning signal to the US and its allies. That the ruling mullahs are asking the Biden Administration for guarantees that the US will never be able to leave the new nuclear deal, even after President Joe Biden leaves office, should signal that the mullahs want this deal badly and set off all sorts of alarms…