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The Across The Board Failures At The Highest Level Of Our Military

Lt Col Stewart Scheller is confined to the brig because, to put it in Marine speak, he would not “STFU” about holding leaders accountable. I will leave to a military judge to review his being silenced with brig confinement. Such an order appears to be petty, disgusting, and an overreach made out of fear since he offered to resign…


The Great Beef Consumption Reset

Globalist advocates of the New World Order are promoting so-called “sustainability” programs that will raise beef prices so high that only the super-rich will be able to afford it.  This is designed to be achieved by outlawing grazing on public land, allowing an oligopoly of meat-packers to squeeze ranchers out of business, and popularizing plant-based meat.  It’s the big meat-packers who will make this fake meat, so their profits will continue to skyrocket, sustained under the cover of “climate virtue.”