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People Behind Biden Announce The Creation Of A Formal National Surveillance State: Nobody Notices

On March 2, 2023, the people in control of the Joe Biden administration officially announced that government control of internet content was now officially a part of the national security apparatus. [White House Link] If you have followed the history of how the Fourth Branch of Government has been created, you will immediately recognize the intent of this new framework…


Climate Rationing Of Meat & Fuel Is Now In Advanced Planning Stages

Is World War II-style rationing the answer to the planet’s “climate crisis?” That’s the question posed in a new study by academics from the University of Leeds, England. You won’t be surprised to learn the answer is ‘yes:’ rationing of various commodities, including fuel and meat, is in the cards…


OP-ED: We’ll All Be Lucky To Live Through The Biden Presidency

You may choose to believe that Joe Biden is simply the most incompetent President in American history. You may choose to consider that a guy who has taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party might be playing for the other team. What you must accept, if you are awake and lucid, is that our nation is in the greatest peril that it has been since 1941…