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BREAKING: Daily New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Fall For The First Time In 7 Days

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☆ The First Trend Reversal Seen In The Exponential Growth Rate

New daily Coronavirus cases in the United States fell for the first time in over a week, according to the latest numbers from Worldometers. On Sunday March 29th, the US registered 18,469 new daily Coronavirus cases, which was down from 19,452 on Saturday. This could very well mark the beginning of a “peak” in new Coronavirus cases in the United States. 


Drugs, Suicide & Crime: Empirical Estimates Of The Human Toll Of The National Shutdown


☆ The Longer The Shutdown Continues, The Greater The Cost

As the coronavirus pandemic continues across the world, leaders and policymakers have scrambled to respond to the growing health crisis. In the United States, multiple state governors have issued statements urging their citizens to follow social distancing guidelines. Other governors have taken more extreme measures, issuing orders to effectively lock down the entire state economy. The current goal of these responses has been to slow the spread of the virus in the hope of reducing the strain on the healthcare system. Discussion over the proper precautions is a necessity in such a time.




CNN To Air Joe Biden’s Town Hall On Virus Pandemic

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☆ President Joe To Address A Worried Nation On Friday

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads the Democrat field of 2020 presidential hopefuls, will take part in a televised CNN town hall on the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an announcement by the network, the hour-long event will take place on Friday and will “feature questions submitted by individuals living in some of the communities hit hardest by the coronavirus.”


Update: LA County Sheriff Closes Gun Stores In 42 Cities Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

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☆ First On, Then Off, Now The LA County Gun Store Closings Are Back On Again.

Back & forth: the Sheriff’s Department previously suspended enforcement of its decision after the county counsel’s office declared gun stores essential businesses. They’ve changed their minds again; gun stores must now close because they are non-essential businesses.


As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begins Censoring His Press Conferences

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☆ Media basing their coverage on whether it will harm or help Trump.

The political media have been working extremely hard to craft a narrative that the spread of the coronavirus was essentially the fault of the man they had blamed for all other ills in recent years. How could the people not accept that narrative, particularly considering that most everyone in the media was pushing it?



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Trudeau Objects To US Posting Troops To Control The Border With Canada

☆ Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Canada opposes the United States sending troops to its northern frontier to catch border jumpers who may be carrying the COVID-19 virus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.


Gordon Brown Calls For New Global Government To Tackle Coronavirus

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ADVISORY: Sourced from The Guardian.

☆ Brown Was The UK Labour Prime Minister During the 2008 Economic Crisis

The former Labour prime minister, who was at the centre of the international efforts to tackle the impact of the near-meltdown of the banks in 2008, said there was a need for a taskforce involving world leaders, health experts and the heads of the international organizations that would have executive powers to coordinate the response.


Negative Rates Come To The US: One Month & Three Month Treasury Bill Yields Are Now Below Zero


☆ Yield Curve Inversion Is Regarded As A Recession Indicator

Yields on both the 1-month and 3-month Treasury bills dipped below zero Wednesday, a week and a half after the Federal Reserve cuts its benchmark rate to near zero and as investors have flocked to the safety of fixed income amid general market turmoil.


GOP Details Pelosi’s $2.5 TRILLION ‘Socialist Wish List’ In Coronavirus Aid Package

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☆ Never Let A Looting Opportunity Go To Waste

House Republicans on Monday night offered a detailed critique of what they called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “socialist wish list” in House Democrats’ $2.5 trillion proposal for responding to the coronavirus outbreak. “Speaker Pelosi unveiled legislation aimed at exploiting the COVID-19 public health crisis by attempting to force the inclusion of a socialist wish list of policies that have nothing to do with the public health and economic emergency,” said House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, Louisiana Republican.