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Are You Ready For Societal Winter?

⭐️ Gunnhild4

Many of you reading this are ready for winter, both literally and figuratively. Your firewood is stacked and your kindling is split. Your barn is stacked full of hay. Your larder is crammed full of food. Your fuel tanks are topped off. And your home armory is “dialed-in”, with its walls comfortably stacked with ammo cans.  But some of you reading this are not nearly so well prepared. Whether by lack of resolve or lack of resources, you aren’t ready for the manifold challenges of the 21st Century…


The Biden Regime’s ‘Operation MAGA Fascist’ Gains Ground

After nearly two years of lies related to the events of January 6, 2021, the regime finally has admitted the truth: The widening legal dragnet to scoop up Donald Trump, his associates, and his voters has nothing to do with the four-hour disturbance on Capitol Hill that afternoon. It is, rather, a thus-far successful crusade to criminalize wrongthink about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election…


China Has Hired ‘Hundreds, If Not Thousands’ Of Operatives To Censor Religion Online

Experts testified before Congress on Tuesday that the Communist Party of China has extensively expanded its digital capabilities to censor — and effectively erase — religion on the internet, the latest step in a process of enforcing communism through the eradication of faith that the regime refers to as “Sinicization.”


Rail Union Rejects Latest Offer As Nationwide Rail Strike Looms Closer

A union representing railroad conductors and engineers announced on Wednesday that its members voted to reject a tentative agreement with their management represented by the National Carriers’ Conference Committee…


San Francisco Is On The Verge Of A Very Painful Economic Reckoning

This may be because the traditional dynamic has changed.  The free market mentality of the business contingent used to keep the insanity of the Frisco leftist ideologues in check, but now, the corporate world has joined the cult and is engaging in activism right along side all the crazies.  There is no longer any balance – California and specifically San Francisco went “full woke retard.”  


Western Civilization Is On The Altar Of The Green New Deal

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, recently warned that the Western world had reached “the end of the age of abundance.” He did not specify at what date or at what hour this singular event occurred, but with strict rules coming into place in France and elsewhere in Europe (and California) for use of electricity, apparently, the age of lacking has already begun…