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Why Communism Should Be Tried For Its Crimes Against Humanity

Cubans have been marching in the streets for freedom, chanting “Libertad!” and demonstrating by the thousands that they’ve had enough of the sham called communism. They know economic disaster and political repression come with that territory…


South Africa: The First Country Built On ‘Critical Race Theory’ Officially Implodes And Self Destructs

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The meltdown in South Africa is neither a natural disaster nor a random fluke. It’s a choice. South Africa was the first modern nation to be re-founded on the anti-white principles of critical race theory, and now it is reaping the whirlwind of that choice… 


General Mark Milley Allegedly Had Fears Of Trump Coup And Called It A ‘Reichstag Moment’

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley was allegedly so worried that then-President Donald Trump might attempt a coup after the presidential election last year that he and other service chiefs discussed a plan to resign rather than carry it out, according to reports about a forthcoming book by two Washington Post reporters...


Iconic Delaware Turnpike Biden Namesake Rest Stop In Disarray

At the September 2018 naming ceremony for the Biden Welcome Center off the highway in Delaware, the now-president said having his name on the rest stop was “one of the most meaningful” things to happen in his life. Once billed as a “rest stop of the future” by the enthusiasts at Roadside America for its “environmentally sensitive and sustainable design,” the stop has now devolved into a dysfunctional dump...