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Op-Ed: A Cabal Of Crooks Is Running America’s Political Leadership

It’s all a scam. Ultimately, we’ve sacrificed political, economic, and military competency on the altar of equity, diversity, inclusion, and, I might add, transgenderism. That’s what they expect us to get used to. Is America’s future to be suborned to tyrannical dictators? The answer to that hangs in the balance…


Greenfield: Who’s Running America?

Last week the Senate Democrat majority was hospitalized with Senator John Fetterman dispatched to a psych ward and Senator Dianne Feinstein, who doesn’t seem to know where she is, hospitalized for shingles. Fetterman and Feinstein didn’t let being hospitalized slow them down and went right on co-sponsoring bills even though the former had to be hospitalized because he couldn’t take care of himself and the latter no longer recognized colleagues…


OP-ED: We’ll All Be Lucky To Live Through The Biden Presidency

You may choose to believe that Joe Biden is simply the most incompetent President in American history. You may choose to consider that a guy who has taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party might be playing for the other team. What you must accept, if you are awake and lucid, is that our nation is in the greatest peril that it has been since 1941…