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Taxpayer-Funded Research Has Devised New Stealth Censorship Strategies For Social Media

A digital free-speech watchdog is warning that federally funded researchers have captured and examined millions of Twitter posts they deemed to be “misinformation” during the 2020 election and used them to devise new strategies that one day could empower Big Tech to censor or throttle content while keeping the affected users and the public in the dark...


Everything Everyone Should Know About The Rapidly Rising Transhumanist Threat

Transhumanism is a social and philosophical movement involving the development of human enhancement through technology. Essentially, it seeks to redefine what it means to be human, which is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It does not mean that the global elite wants to turn you into robots, they only want to control your thoughts, emotions and physical body…


The Digitization Of Humanity Shows Why The Globalist Agenda Is Evil

In recent weeks I’ve been seeing an interesting narrative fallacy being sold to the general public when it comes to the designs of globalists. The mainstream media and others are now openly suggesting that it’s actually okay to be opposed to certain aspects of groups like the World Economic Forum. They give you permission to be concerned, just don’t dare call it conspiracy…