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Everything Everyone Should Know About The Rapidly Rising Transhumanist Threat

Transhumanism is a social and philosophical movement involving the development of human enhancement through technology. Essentially, it seeks to redefine what it means to be human, which is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It does not mean that the global elite wants to turn you into robots, they only want to control your thoughts, emotions and physical body…


Blue States Are Moving Towards A Pay Per Mile User-Based Road Tax

Hybrid drivers will pay twice. With each gallon of gas pumped in the United States since 1932, drivers have been paying taxes. The revenue is used for road repairs and public transportation such as train and bus systems. Currently, the Fed takes 18.4 cents per gallon for gas or 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel. State gas taxes range from a national high of 61 cents for gas in Pennsylvania, to a low of 8.95 cents in Alaska…


Bill Gates Claims The ‘Exclusive Rights’ Patent On Humanity

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Fauci’s frontline mentor Bill Gates has much to offer if you’re looking for a little comic relief from the drudgery of everyday life in a soiled America. With loving encouragement from Klaus Schwab’s faux brainchild, Yuval Noah Harari, Gates has assigned himself to take the place of the Creator himself. His message is simple: “I am the savior of the world.”


Latest TSA Security Boondoggle Is Set To Make Air Travel Even More Intrusive

Why would any law-abiding American balk at permitting the feds to vacuum up his biometric data at the airport? The Transportation Security Administration is running a pilot program in which travelers stand in photo kiosks that compare their faces with a federal database of photos from passport applications, driver’s licenses, and other sources. TSA promises its new airport regime, which could vastly expand next year, will respect Americans’ privacy…


The FBI Illegally Deployed Unconstitutional ‘Zero-Click’ Pegasus Surveillance Software

During the Trump Administration, the FBI paid $5 million to an Israeli software company for a license to use its “zero-click” surveillance software called Pegasus. Zero-click refers to software that can download the contents of a target’s computer or mobile device without the need for tricking the target into clicking on it. The FBI operated the software from a warehouse in New Jersey…