Essay: What Is A Democrat?

I am a Democrat, and I think you, the average American, are an idiot…



ou let me get away with everything. I can tell you I’m going to do something unethical, criminal, unconstitutional, or unprecedented and you seldom if ever try to stop me or even call me out on it. I completely control the news cycle and my loyal press puppets repeat whatever I say without question. Every time you get any attention complaining about me, I just do something else to distract everyone and reset the news again.

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I write most of the news by feeding the talking points to my puppets. Haven’t you seen the video proof? I also rewrite history by simple repetition. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That’s what I do. I lie big, loud, often and repeatedly to accuse you of any variety of unspeakable things, most of which I’m doing myself. If you challenge me, I’ll ruin you. I’ll make up another lie, then release my puppets. Maybe I’ll make a call to your employer, or your local prosecutor’s office. Either way, you’ll be too busy to bother me again. Just ask Michael Flynn how it works.

Whenever I screw up, I just blame someone else, distribute the talking points and let the puppets go to work. I also take credit for great historical moments by claiming the follow-on accomplishments as my own; and I milk the good will your ignorance provides me. Your ignorance is why I get credit for standing up for you and protecting you from those who truly care, because I really don’t. I opposed those great moments; and like Joe Biden, I’ve been wrong on almost everything that mattered. I supported slavery, opposed civil rights, started the KKK, and administered Jim Crow segregation for 100 years. And to this day, the majority of Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters will still vote for me. Proof positive of two things — I’m good at what I do, and you’re stupid to keep letting me do it.

I also have my minions, which you know as teachers & professors. They spent half of every waking day during your formative years indoctrinating you, making sure you will grow up learning to believe my lies. They’ve stripped you of most of your critical thinking skills. They’ve helped you pick your identity and ensured you would pigeonhole yourself into an oppressed group; thereby developing a hatred for your country and a deep resentment toward other groups. I’ve planted the seeds for decades now for you to feel victimized by unrealized entitlements and have a clear vector to those you find at fault. By design, my minions haven’t taught you how to succeed in life. Instead, they’ve taught you how to hate, then sent you into real life short of tools and skills, but well-primed with a burning fuse.

Over those same decades, I built the infrastructure to de-incentivize hard work, and create dependence on government and social welfare programs. I love to create dependence. I enable it, nurture it, and continue to support it until it’s an addiction.

In addition to all of the addicts I’ve created, some of my best work has been with women. Once proud housewives, mothers, and teachers, look at what I have them doing today. They march in the streets chanting obscenities and declaring their right to kill their babies. As teachers, they groom young children into alternative lifestyles by teaching gender is not a fact, but rather a choice. They distort American history, turn the founders into little more than greedy slaveholders, and cast America as systemically evil, built as such by white, racist& intolerant men. 

Women believe I’m all in for them. After all, I’ve supported abortion for decades, and they’ve been a reliable voting bloc. But I use them in ways they never think about. When they vote for me because I support abortion, they also support my destruction of women’s athletics. It doesn’t matter that only .5% of the population is transgender; official U.S. policy now is to allow biological men to compete against biological women.  Are women looking out for other women?  They must be focused on something else… just as they should be. I plan to destroy all of women’s competitive sports, and I’ll do it with the help of women.

You just don’t get my hypocrisy. I pretend to tell the truth when I spin my lies. I tell you every day. You just don’t listen. I talk about Republicans supporting policies that will destroy democracy. I preach about the lawlessness of January 6 insurrectionists while nearly every major Democrat-run city has skyrocketing crime, progressive district attorneys who won’t prosecute slam-dunk violent crimes and no-bail policies that release offenders over and over again. And during the riots of 2020, not only did I never complain about Black Lives Matter or Antifa causing $2B in damages, I actually raised money to pay for their bail. After the Covenant School shooting in Nashville by a transgender murderer, I virtually ignored the victims, who included three nine-year-old children, but I got three Tennessee House members who participated in the gun control protests that shut down the Tennessee House invited to the White House. No parallels to January 6; nope, nothing to see there. Oh, and I forgot to tell the President to call the victims’ families.

See the political trending I’ve put in place?  I’m dismantling American society at an ever-increasing rate. It’s my crowning achievement. They say with military recruits, you have to break them down to build them back up the way you need them to be. That’s my plan for America. I’m breaking it down now faster than ever. Don’t see it? The pandemic, election fraud, crime, inflation, failing banks, military incompetence and embarrassments one after another, millions of illegals flowing across an invisible border sowing societal chaos and exponentially increasing government dependence, kids graduating from high school unable to read or do basic math, and increased numbers of mass shootings to include more children. I tell you the latter is all about guns, as if guns alone do the shootings, and a shocking number of you buy into it. I get you all wound up and afraid because I need your guns. I work hard to take away your Second Amendment right to bear arms & defend yourselves.  I’m not talking about those arms that protect me, or the arms I’ll use against you after you no longer have any. I’m only talking about those arms you use to protect yourselves. In short order, I’ll get them or I’ll make them impossible to use by regulating magazines and ammunition. I already nearly have taken away your right to free speech.   

Caught on yet? I don’t care about governing. I don’t care about fixing, improving, building, growing, developing, or any other word related to progress, other than the word ‘progressive’.  I only care about power, control, personal comfort, and money.  And none of those in any way includes you. ✪


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