In Memoriam: Despicable REM1875 ??

Dear Community & Friends,

It is with great sadness & a heavy heart I inform you of the passing of long time & beloved friend, Despicable REM1875.

Every honest & wonderful friend in this Life is a true gift; a blessing from God.

I was fortunate & blessed to be REM’s friend: as I sincerely hope you were, as well.

He was a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

Even though I never met Joe (his real, everyday name) face-to-face, I will greatly miss his kindness, thoughtfulness, quirky sense of humor & frequent emails.

Joe was a Patriot & Conservative who was very concerned about the future of America. Joe was a veteran who honorably served this country during The Viet Nam War.

Joe was also a devoted family man, husband, father & son.

He loved his wife Michelle, their six dogs, his firearms & all things Texas.

Joe accepted everyone for who they were & never took sides in any online disputes or rivalries; he would usually make it a point to remain neutral.

Joe was known & loved by many in numerous online communities.

Above all, Joe was a Christian of deep faith & strong love in Christ. Accordingly, Joe chose to depart on Easter Sunday; the very same day of our Savior’s resurrection over death in the Flesh to establish the Covenant Of Eternal Life.

During his last few months, Joe was very open & at peace about the next part of his journey. He said no regrets except for perhaps having to leave his lovely wife; if although, only for a while. He also said he wasn’t afraid and was looking forward to what comes next.

Typical of him, he asked to be included on the Daily Prayer Request List, but insisted to remain “anonymous” because he didn’t want the community to worry about him. Joe was always very “unselfish” with his friends.

Over these next days, please remember Joe, his wife Michelle & their family in your prayers and kind thoughts. Please pray for their comfort, strength and peace.

Fare well Chief, until next we meet again.


Joe’s online obituary page:

In tribute, this thread will remain current for 24 hours & pre-empt tonight’s normally scheduled All Nighter, as well as tomorrow’s Muster & Morning threads. Friends of Joe’s from other communities are more than welcome to post here. Normal thread publication will resume again tomorrow @ 14:00 PDT.