President Of Afghanistan Rejects Key Part Of US Deal With Taliban

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☆ We Could Also Leave Without Any Agreements

Ghani, who was recently declared the winner of the presidential election after months of delay, said on Sunday that “it is not in the authority of the United States to decide” on the prisoner swap. Under the agreement, the U.S. and the Taliban are supposed to work toward releasing political and combat prisoners as a confidence-building measure.



SenateJosh Hawley Introducing New Legislation to Reduce US Reliance on Chinese Drugs & Medical Supplies

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☆ 97% Of Antibiotics Consumed By Americans are Manufactured in China

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Miss.) announced on Feb. 25 that he will be introducing new legislation aimed at making the U.S. medical supply chain less reliant on Chinese production.


Democrat Councilwoman Arrested, Accused Of Selling Votes For Cash

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☆ Another Affirmative Action Government Employee Success Story

An Ohio Democrat Councilwoman has been arrested and faces federal charges after she was accused of trying to sell votes for money. In particular, one vote may have sold for $15,000.  Her name is Tamaya Dennard and she could face up to 50 years in jail and the mayor is also calling on her to refute the charges or resign from her position. Dennard was arrested Tuesday in the Downtown Starbucks and charged with honest services wire fraud, bribery and attempted extortion, according to United States Attorney David DeVillers, who confirmed the news in a press release Tuesday afternoon.


The Army Just Invented a Newer, Deadlier Artillery Round

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☆ New Ordinance Systems To Meet Future Challenges

The Army Research Laboratory is now engineering new rocket, missile and artillery rounds able to destroy groups of mobile enemy fighters, incinerate armored vehicles and eliminate structures with a single munition — at all much longer ranges than currently deployed weapons can fire. The ARL is currently immersed in cutting edge research, using 3D printing, to develop new metal alloys, weapons casings and design geometries to increase range and lethality for the Army’s emerging Long Range Precision Fires program;



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San Francisco Declares State of Emergency over Coronavirus

☆ No Cases Reported: Yet SF Now Wants “State Of Emergency” Funding

San Francisco on Tuesday declared a state of emergency over the deadly Chinese coronavirus after a top public health official warned its spread across the United States was inevitable and could dramatically impact Americans’ everyday life.


Natural Gas is Crushing Wind & Solar Power and the Left Isn’t Happy

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☆ The US Has More Than 500 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Known NG Reserves

The U.S. Energy Information Administration just announced some spectacular news that should be banner headlines across the country: The price of natural gas has fallen to its lowest February level in 20 years. The data shows that natural gas prices fell to $1.77 per million British thermal units. In inflation-adjusted terms, the price of gas has plunged by some 80% since its high of $13.60 12 years ago. The price is down 90% since 2005, when prices hit nearly $20. (Quick: Can you think of anything else that now costs one-tenth of what it did 15 years ago?)