βœͺ We have just suffered and SURVIVED a very serious attack which as you all probably know took this site down for 36 hours. MANY thanks to Alex @ Siteground Hosting and their crack second tier technical support team for sorting out this huge mess and getting us back in the game…


y sincerest apologies for not being able to post to the forum during the last day and a half to inform you about what was happening. Unfortunately, I was completely locked out of my WordPress administrator dashboard and account. No matter how I tried to access the site, I would only encounter the same error message which appeared on the Home Page.

This entire ordeal began late Thursday night when I received a very threatening email from a hacker group in Germany portraying themselves as some sort of international copyright enforcement group. They accused me of violating “international law” by posting images on TNA without permission of their actual copyright owners. They also threatened me with further legal action or with “any means within their control” to make me repent for my sins of thievery.

All the images, videos, graphics and copy published on TNA are covered by a well know US copyright law known as the “Fair Use Provision” which basically says imagery, video and copy content belonging to others may be used freely without permissions so long as I do not make any claims that I have created or own the images myself. And, that my use of the imagery is primarily for educational purposes; meaning I am not putting them on products such as coffee mugs and selling for profit.

Of course, the scum in Germany provided me with a convenient payment portal link where I could immediately submit $3950 Euros to them, after which, they promised to completely drop the entire affair and not bother me again.

I was in the last leg of a three day move downsizing and transferring all my stuff from one storage unit in Vegas to another smaller, more inexpensive one so I didn’t even bother wasting my time with a reply. Of course, I completely ignored and let their stupid extortion deadline pass.

They launched their attack early Friday morning while I was in the middle of formatting the Daily Thread. Everybody here knows what happened next.

The scum went after everything including corrupting our WordPress theme coding, plugins and site stylesheet. I have NO idea how they got in… Many thanks to the sharp tech people at our hosting company, Siteground. I am extremely grateful to them for straightening everything out. It really pays to invest in excellent security and tech support services. For the record, this wasn’t any sort of canceling or government styled censorship; rather only a bunch of greedy, dishonest Eurotrash cyber terrorists looking to scam some easy money. They failed.

Tomorrow, I will start back to Florida again. To be honest, between the 2500 mile drive out here, followed by three straight days of loading and unloading a rented moving truck, topped off by this hacking circus full of clowns, I’m completely shot. I’ll leave this thread up thru Sunday and we’ll officially get back in the saddle again on Monday Morning at Muster to start riding again. Scout’s honor! Thanks to everyone who blew up my email inbox to ask me about what the heck was going on. I hope this post answers all your questions. Thank you all for your patience & keeping the faith.

God Bless you & the United States Of America.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™